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We asked, you told us: Your phone is subject to a long-term update

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Samsung is a leading force when it comes to updating commitments for Android, offering four major operating system updates and five years of security patches. Recently, however, we have also seen several other brands that offer lengthy updates.

Pin Android Authority Readers have a phone that is subject to long-term commitment updates, right? That is the question we asked earlier this month, and that is how you voted.

Does your phone have a long-term commitment to updates?


At the time of writing, more than 2,300 votes have been counted and it turns out that the majority of respondents (54.11%) have a telephone that is subject to a long-term commitment to update. Most of the reader comments supporting this position seem to have a Samsung phone. For several years now, the company has been offering more than two standard operating system updates and three years of security patches (at least for its flagship, folding, and mid-range devices).

Meanwhile, 33.3% of readers surveyed said their phone was not subject to long-term updating. For what it’s worth, several readers commented that they voted “no”, even though their phones received more than the standard 2 + 3 commitment. This was because these users felt that a slightly longer commitment did not count as “long-term”.

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Finally, less than 13% of respondents said they did not know if their phone was supported by a long-term update commitment. This is also understandable, as some people will undoubtedly focus on other aspects when buying a phone (eg brand, camera, battery life).


  • simp: I’m using Pixel 4a now and I’m tempted to vote “No” because 3 years of updates don’t really count as a “long-term” update commitment as Samsung pushes the boundaries in Android again and again.
  • Japes: I think Note20 Ultra are 3 OS updates, so I think it meets the conditions?
  • moabman: I checked, “YES.” I have an S22 Ultra. But will I keep it for more than two years? Probably not.
  • Sad_Linus_Guy: I said no, but technically my S20 gets 3 years of feature updates and 4 security updates. There has been none in the meantime
  • Avieshek: The iPhone X and S10 + hold up pretty well.
  • Brun0₂: One of the main reasons I stay with Samsung. I hate it when I don’t get chargers and a lot of company policies in the box. But we don’t get pixels or oneplus here, and the 4-year update is still unbeatable. I can buy a charger, I can’t buy a new android update.
  • stephan cevallos: My Note 20 Ultra has 3 years of updating. This should not count as long-term support for updates.

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