Wayne Pivac thinks openly about the ax of the Welsh region when he questions the abilities of the players

Wayne Pivac thinks openly about the ax of the Welsh region when he questions the abilities of the players

Wales head coach Wayne Pivac indicated he was open when Welsh rugby decided to undermine the region.

The game in Wales has recently become embroiled in the final round of chaos when proposals have emerged to eliminate the region to improve the sport as a whole. Those who have run the game have since decided to dampen the prospect of this scenario ever happening, and insist that it was one of many proposals under consideration.

The dragons, who were thrown into the firing line like leading runners to be axes, loudly opposed the proposal. One of the points of their head coach, Dean Ryan, was that reducing the number of players would damage the national team’s prospects in the long run.

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But Pivac was in no hurry to throw his support behind the status quo.

He explained: “It depends on how you rate the player base and how many players you think are able to play international rugby. Do we pay players who are not really at that level? So a lot of factors need to be taken into account.

“You can also say that if you reduce the number of teams like Scotland, you can have several competing teams.” I think there is an argument in both ways. ”

He added: “It’s a big deal for us when you look at the teams that have been dominant on the club scene, your Saracens, your Crusaders, your Leinsters, and you look at their national teams and they are all aligned, so I think it’s very important to achieve this alignment. It definitely helps the national team.

“We’ve probably been in our power for a long, long time.” Warren [Gatland] He used to talk to me about things like that, and I don’t think a lot has changed in the eight years I’ve been here, so the sooner we can achieve full alignment and everyone works for the common good, then I think we can be positive. not only for the national team but also for the clubs.

“I know there are a lot of people who have a head right now and are trying to find the best possible solution for anyone who will continue Welsh rugby.”

Welsh rugby brokers have not yet announced their plans for the future public, although it seems that the reduction of teams, at least for now, is off the table.

But Pivac acknowledged that change must come, no matter what.

“There are some people in Wales who know that some change needs to be made, what exactly that change is, time will tell, or if it will remain exactly as it is, and somehow we will find more money.”

He did not believe that the uproar would affect his players when they went to South Africa this summer to face world champions.


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