Vacuum leadership in the US Cricket as chairman of the Paraag Marathe resigns

Vacuum leadership in the US Cricket as chairman of the Paraag Marathe resigns

Six months after the resignation of CEO Iain Higgins, the US Cricket faces greater uncertainty in management, and Chairman Paraag Marathe has also resigned.

Cricket board member Venu Pisike told ESPNcricinfo that all of this was part of the deal: Marathe’s resignation in exchange for Pisike and a colleague on board Srini Salver withdrawing a long-standing lawsuit against the board.

Several sources also said that another independent director, Rohan Sajdeh, resigned in March, which now leaves three important roles on the board vacant.

The lawsuit filed by Pisike and Salver concerned cricket elections in the United States, namely that they waived the constitutional requirement that members must be registered and in good standing for at least 12 months before the vote.

US Cricket was set to allow new members to vote just weeks after registration in late 2020 and early 2021. Pisike and Salver separately filed a legal objection to the reappointment of Marathe as independent director and chairman of the board in March 2021. after the elections, which had already been delayed by 17 months, with suggestions from the newly elected members of the Board of Directors.

“The two issues raised in the lawsuit are resolved to our satisfaction,” Pisike wrote via email when he was contacted by ESPNcricinfo. “Members who registered at the beginning of 2021 now meet the constitutional one – year eligibility requirement [sic] who is reappointed as an independent dir[ector] resigned against the procedure adopted. “

US Cricket did not mention the resignation of any board member on Monday night in a press release announcing that Pisike & Salver’s lawsuit had been withdrawn. A US cricket spokesman did not comment directly when asked about Marathe’s resignation.

The credibility and stability of Marathea, who also serves as executive vice president of the NFL San Francisco 49ers, and Higgins were seen as key reasons for US Cricket’s successful bid to co-host the T20 Men’s World Cup in 2024. West Indies Cricket. But their absence – Higgins resigned as CEO in November – now leaves a significant vacuum in management just over three years after the US Cricket was re-admitted as an associate member of the ICC and recognized as the official governing body in America after the USCA’s expulsion in 2017.

A copy of the agreement obtained by ESPNcricinfo states that ACE retains 95% of all commercial cricket-related revenue – including television broadcasting rights, sponsorship agreements and gate sales – generated for US Cricket, while US Cricket retains 5%. The agreement provides for a minimum annual payment to US Cricket from ACE – which is set at $ 399,000 for 2022, which means that US Cricket would have to generate $ 8 million in revenue before receiving anything in excess of the basic level guaranteed by ACE – if that 5% of revenues do not reach this limit, which he failed in the first three years of the transaction.

“The majority of the board also agreed to prioritize the negotiation of the ACE agreement, which lasts almost three years,” Pisike said. “Personally, I don’t think the current treaty benefits the US Cricket or its elements, so we need them [and] you want a contract that is good for all parties, including ACE. “

The current arrangement has put the US Cricket in serious financial distress, especially after the cancellation of the ODI series against Ireland in December. This tour was expected to be interrupted by incoming sponsorship and broadcast revenues, but only if all two planned T20Is and three ODIs took place. The cancellation of three ODIs due to Covid-19 meant that US Cricket lost significant revenue from these matches, although the cost of renting the stadium, Covid testing fees and hotel rooms for the teams remained. According to several sources, this resulted in the US Cricket suffering a loss of between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000.
The domino effect of this financial intervention resulted in the dismissal of a number of employees. The U.S. Cricket announced late last week that it would not renew the contract for American women’s head coach Julia Price and would prefer someone who is based in the US full time. Price, who recently worked as the head coach of the Warriors team at the Fairbreak Invitational T20 in Dubai, is based in Australia and has traveled back and forth since her appointment more than three years ago.
Kirk Greaves, one of several independent contractors whose contracts have also been terminated in recent months, has filed a lawsuit against the governing body alleging “racial discrimination” and seeking compensation of $ 2 million.

The U.S. Cricket has also postponed announcements of any domestic championships for 2022 due to financial constraints. events may also be questionable for financial reasons. .


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