Uswitch - Savvy Britons join the scene of refurbished mobile phones - Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Uswitch – Savvy Britons join the scene of refurbished mobile phones – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

More than 22 million Britons are considering a refurbished mobile phone when it comes time to buy their next phone, saving a total of £ 2bn compared to buying a new device, according to the benchmarking and transition service, Uswitch.

200 people took part in the research.

34% of those who are considering buying a refurbished phone are motivated by the need to make greener decisions. More than a million mobile users have passed over the past year, and this is proving to be particularly popular with young people aged 18-34.

The current cost-of-living crisis has forced many consumers to look for ways to save money, with 24% saying they need to find a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new phone.

Meanwhile, four who are considering a refurbished phone believe that brand new phones have simply become too expensive.

Yet there are still some skeptics. Although they have undergone the same quality checks as new phones, two-fifths of Britons would not consider buying a refurbished phone.

A third of them fear that the handset might come defective, and more than a quarter (28%) are concerned about battery life on refurbished models.

Ru Bhikha, a mobile phone specialist at Uswitch, said: “With budgets being squeezed more than ever, buying a new high-end phone may not be a priority for many consumers right now.”

“Choosing a premium refurbished device is an easy way to get the phone you want, at a price you can afford, without sacrificing quality and condition.”

“Buying refurbished is also an easy way to be more environmentally friendly, give used phones a new life and reduce the electronic waste produced by buying new equipment. It also encourages more mobile consumers to get used to recycling and reusing phones. ”

“Our research shows that millions of people are considering buying a refurbished phone in the near future, and we expect more people to switch soon.”

“Skeptics should remember that refurbished does not mean faulty – all phones are tested in the same way as new devices and some will be returned without ever being used. They often come with a one-year guarantee for more security. ”

“For those who want peace of mind when buying a refurbished phone, don’t forget to use a trusted dealer. And if you want a handset that’s new, look for a device marked Grade A, which is the only class available on Uswitch. ”

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