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Top 10 BBQ Gadgets This Summer

The sun is out, and that means one thing: it’s barbecue season. If you invite all your friends, you will want to be prepared to host the best outdoor meeting.

We weighed the elements to select the absolute best barbecue gadgets you can buy right now, and we’ve tracked down everything from the best grill to the speakers, the lights, and everything in between.

Ooni Fyra 12

© Ooni

For a hungry individual, the look and smell of a wood-fired pizza oven in the twilight of a summer evening is magical – but who has the time to build it from scratch? The lightweight Ooni portable oven is easy to set up and then you can prepare quick pizzas to make you look like a professional chef.

Ooni’s own wood pellets are fed to the back and the burner or some liquid into the lighter reaches a furnace temperature of 500 ° C in 10 minutes.

The blistering heat only takes two minutes for the light and pasty base to turn into a crispy, golden pizza, even if you have to turn it over after 60 seconds to make it even. Ooni comes with a “peel” for inserting and removing pizza without burning your fingers. Cleaning and packing is also a breeze, as the pellets burn cleanly and the feet fold neatly.

Big Green Egg MiniMax

Smoke-induced blindness, questionable chicken and boiled sausages are hallmarks of British barbecue. Fortunately, there’s a Big Green Egg to save us from all three.

The design itself is nothing new. It is based on a traditional Japanese kamado oven. Interesting is the Big Green Egg in the use of materials. It is made of space-age ceramics, first developed by NASA to protect its space shuttle from the extreme temperatures generated breaking through the Earth’s atmosphere. That means two things: coal lasts longer because the pottery easily retains heat, and as we’ve been told, you can cook when the mercury drops to -34 ° C, so even Inuit can have barbies.

Ultimately, control is a real benefit. With two small vents – one at the base and one at the top – and a thermometer, the temperature can be easily adjusted, whether you crave low and slow 100 ° C for smoking or a frantic 700 ° C for crunching. pizza. It will take time to play with the vents and get the right amount of coal in the beginning, but once you reach the target temperature, it will stay there – that’s why so many top chefs prefer Big Green Egg.

Inside, you can cook on a “plate” platform or directly on the grill. The first protects your food from the direct heat of the coals and allows the hot air to absorb meat and vegetables while cooking them evenly. If you want a little charring, you can finish the meat on the grill. The results are hard to blame, which is a relief given the huge expenses. But given the rugged construction, we would dare say that the Big Green Egg could last a lifetime.

Don’t be fooled by the nickname Minimax, this Big Green Egg is strenuously heavy and bulky enough to fit an entire chicken. The largest model weighs 213 kg and can fit a whole pig when you are probably going to a medieval feast.

795 GBP

Soundcore Motion Boom

© Anker

© Anker

If you want your barbecue to be the event of the year, you will need some music – enter the Soundcore Motion Boom. This portable Bluetooth speaker has serious power, and yet has a very affordable price.

We love retro almost boombox style, but it’s the sound that this speaker can pump up, which makes it really impressive. Although it is common to get poor sound performance at this price, often obscured in the middle band, Motion Boom can avoid it.

Even with the bass boost turned on, the sound has a confident sound that can fill your party and add some atmosphere. Plus, with a 24-hour battery life, you’ll be able to keep the party all night long.

Weber Go-Anywhere

© Weber

© Weber

Of course you can invest in a massive grill, complete with all the luxury sets, but what to do when the party starts? Unsurprisingly, Weber Go-Anywhere can be taken anywhere. This means that you can use it at home for a garden party, take it to the beach, to a friends’ house or anywhere you plan to have a barbecue.

It can be folded for easy portability and comes with a lid and adjustable cooking controls. While it’s not the smartest grill in the world, it more than makes up for in portability and affordable price.

Anker portable power plant

© Anker

© Anker

Lights, smartphones, speakers – there is a lot that needs to be powered on the grill. But instead of clumsyly extending extension cords through windows and burying passersby, a large power bank can solve all your electricity problems.

Anker’s PowerHouse 2 is able to charge eight different devices simultaneously. This means you can plug in the lights and speaker while keeping your phone fully charged, leaving room for several other devices.

It can charge a smartphone up to 23 times, a laptop 5 times or keep the light running for 29 hours. There’s even a set of lights on the power bank when it’s late in the evening.

Lumify LED lights

Most British grills end up in the dark, so these solar-powered lights are ideal for landscaping without too many wires. While most solar-powered lights try to compete with anything connected to the grid, these LEDs excel. In addition, there is the possibility of charging via USB when the weather is not playing.


Although Looftlighter sounds like a product you could use on the toilet, this kit will ignite your inner pyromaniac. It blows a stream of air at a temperature of 650 ° C, so when you place it next to a pile of coal, it will glow and crack in less than 60 seconds. We were skeptical, but this is the only way we know how to heat the grill to cooking temperature in less than five minutes.

BioLite camping stove

© BioLite

© BioLite

When your party gets into the evening and it gets dark, you suddenly need blankets and more layers – that’s where BioLite comes in. Instead of trying to create a fire with smoke blowing in everyone’s faces, BioLite allows you to create a smokeless flame suitable for cooking, boiling water or just enjoying the heat on a cold evening.

The feature that makes BioLite stand out is that it converts the heat it generates into energy. There is a lamp and a number of USB ports that you can use to charge your devices from the energy generated by the fire.

There are several settings for heat that allow you to mute it if the fire starts to get a little strong.

Grillbot robotic cleaner

There are few tasks in life that would not be more fun thanks to the involvement of a robot – including cleaning the grill. This small, noisy robot has three wire brushes that spin frantically as it revolves around your grill, using the lid as a guide. Before you close Grillbot – if you don’t, it will simply fall – click the button to set the cleaning to 10, 20 or 30 minutes. The cleanliness was usable, but not shimmering – the emphasis here is on novelty before usefulness.

$ 129.95 (approximately £ 99)

SolSource solar stove

If all that fire and ashes to your taste are a little stone time, then there is a more suitable device for the future. SolSource uses the sun’s rays with a reflective bowl that focuses the rays on the underside of the grill. It provides 300 ° C heat, which is adjusted by moving the mirrors. One for the eternal optimist.

$ 499 (approximately GBP 384),

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