Travelers are embarking on this Memorial Day Weekend, but will pay more for airfare and gasoline, and Americans have bet $ 125 billion on the sport over the past four years.

Today’s young people are facing a longer and harder path to a good job than the previous generation, and the national median rent seems to exceed $ 2,000 this summer.

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How old were you when you finally got a ‘good’ job? Today’s young people face a longer and more difficult path to this goal than the previous generation

The more difficult path to “good” jobs has long-term consequences for economic well-being. Read more

“Perfect storm of supply and demand”: Rents continue to rise. The national median rent seems to exceed $ 2,000 this summer.

A new report from shows that the median rent reached $ 1,827 in April, the 14th consecutive month. Read more

Landlords do not have to list energy bills in rental records – here’s why this should change

Tenants were willing to pay 1.8% more monthly rent for a more energy-efficient apartment, the American Council for Energy Efficient Economy found. Read more

Here’s why more and more employers are dropping out of higher education

The economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic has created the narrowest labor market in decades, so employers have had to expand their search. Read more

More US subprime borrowers lack loan repayments

Consumers with low credit scores are lagging behind in payments for car loans, personal loans and credit cards, a sign that the healthiest consumer lending environment in US history is coming to an end. Read more

You can insist that the investment advisor has many years of experience, but is open to mid-career newcomers with a non-financial background.

A diverse work history can be useful ways. Read more

Three lessons from Warren Buffett that are worth paying attention to right now

Here’s what you can learn from an investment guru about inflation, index funds and value investing and what you can do today to support your financial portfolio. Read more

Is a graduate degree worthwhile? Fewer employers require them; here are the pros and cons.

Today, more university graduates than ever have advanced degrees, but in a tight labor market, employers do not often require graduate degrees. Read more

How racist politics and segregation marginalized black communities in Buffalo: “An entire generation has seen little, if any, in their lives.”

As a result of the shooting massacre in Buffalo, which killed 10 blacks, the significant coloration of the city districts is being thoroughly examined. Read more

I have had crazy fluctuations in my investments this year. What is the tax impact?

Keep your mind and pay attention to the “sale” rule. Read more


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