The study revealed how much your household utensils cost you every day

The study revealed how much your household utensils cost you every day

A MOBILE phone costs £ 1.56 per use, a smart speaker costs 7 pence and the average car’s fuel costs 32 pence per mile, according to a survey.

A study of 2,000 adults revealed how much people spend on various items and daily “necessities” compared to how often they are used – to calculate the cost of each use as the nation feels a pinch of rising living costs.


According to the survey, a mobile phone costs £ 1.56 per useCredit: SWNS

Based on an average monthly cost of £ 48.30 per month, Wi-Fi was found to cost £ 1.73 per day, just over seven pence an hour.

For household items, the vacuum cleaner costs £ 158.80 and is used three times a week for seven years – the owners pay 14 pence each time.

While the laptop costs 22 pence in use for nine years, the original purchase was spent an average of £ 526.

The research was commissioned exclusively by a full-service Internet service provider, Hyperoptic, which created an online tool to help you determine the cost of using items, from broadband to gym memberships.

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It comes after 53 percent said they felt they had spent money at some point in their lives.

And one in eight felt cheated after buying things he barely used, with 60 percent wanting to make sure they got their money.

It also turned out that by comparing monthly expenses with direct costs, it was found that a mobile phone would set GBP 1.56 back for each use for those who pay for the monthly cost of the handset.

While paying for the handset in advance is only 64 pence per time, provided it is not exchanged for a year and a half.

Forms of transportation cost 20 pence per bike, which is maintained for an average of five and a half years before the exchange.

But public transport results in a hefty £ 5.24 spend every time a subway or bus ticket is used.

Charles Davies, MD ISP, Hyperoptic, said: “Looking at the perspective, it’s interesting to see how much things cost each time they are picked up and used – from the cell phones we have on all the time to the household items that can get only used once a week, or.

“Especially with the cost of living at its worst, people have to start considering long-term costs and buying in advance to really get the best value for their money.

“Wi-Fi is, of course, the focus of our attention and is something that has been used for a long time during the day, especially with the growing transition to hybrid work.”

The study also found that 68 percent of adults consider the initial cost of buying an item, while 59 percent consider long-term spending.

More than two-thirds consider how long it will take to buy something, with 46 percent happy to spend more on a product they use regularly.

The main items that the British believe will receive their money include their car (36 percent), vacuum cleaner (37 percent) and dishwasher (23 percent).

While gym memberships (15 percent), cell phones (14 percent) and Wi-Fi (14 percent) are things people think they paid too much for the last purchase.

Before the British commit to shopping, they compare an average of five broadband providers, seven bicycles and six TVs.

Worryingly, 43 percent have been hit by price increases in the past, and many have already seen rising heating costs (70 percent), public transport costs (47 percent) and mobile phone bills (36 percent). last year.

As a result, three out of 10 respondents through OnePoll canceled or changed electricity suppliers, and a quarter changed Wi-Fi providers.

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Charles added: “It is interesting to see what makes people change and how many items or providers adults compare before taking this step.

“The transition can bring better value for money in the long run.”


1. Laptop: the purchase costs GBP 526.10, is replaced every 109 months (9 years) and is used 5 times a week = 22 pence per use

2. Direct purchase car: costs GBP 9,804 per purchase, exchanged every 35 months (2.9 years) and used 4 times a week = GBP 16.25 per use

3. Car on a monthly payment: costs GBP 135.60 per month (GBP 33.90 per week) and used 4 times a week = GBP 8.48 per month

4. Vacuum: costs £ 158.80, replaced every 84 months (7 years) and used 3 times a week = 14 pence per use

5. Mobile phone for direct purchase: costs GBP 403.40, exchanged every 18 months (1.5 years) and used 8 times a week = 64 pence per use

6. Contract mobile phone: costs GBP 50 per month (GBP 12.50 per week) and is used 8 times a week = GBP 1.56 per

Round 7: costs GBP 228.10, exchanged every 67 months (5.6 years) and used 4 times a week = 20 pence per use

8. Smart speaker: costs £ 139.40, replaced every 90 months (7.5 years) and used 5 times a week = 7 pence per use

9. Wi-Fi: costs GBP 48.30 per month (GBP 12.07 per week, GBP 1.73 per day)

10. Public transport: costs GBP 83.80 per month (GBP 20.95 per week) and is used 4 times a week = GBP 5.24 per

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