The star Bridgerton opens up about mental health problems after hospitalization

The star Bridgerton opens up about mental health problems after hospitalization

Bridgerton star Ruby Barker shared her mental health problems in an honest video and revealed that she was hospitalized.

The actress, who plays Marina Thompson in the period drama Netflix, explained in an Instagram post that she “fights from Bridgerton“.

“I’m better. I’m not feeling well for a long time and I want to be honest with everyone, I fought,” she said in the clip. “So I’m in the hospital at the moment, I’ll be released soon and I hope I can continue my life.”


“I’ll take a little break for myself and I want to encourage others, if you’re worried, do yourself a favor. Take a break, stop being so strict with yourself.”

“And people always told me not to be so hard on myself, and I never really, really knew what that meant.”

Barker explained that “all this intergenerational trauma has accumulated in me and I have carried the weight of the world on my back.”

“And now I’m at the point where I’m diagnosed and I’ll talk to you about it another time,” she continued.

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“But I have a diagnosis and I give up and forgive and draw a line in the sand. I can’t continue the path I went on. I need to change. So that’s what I’m ‘trying to do.’

Barker not only thanked his friends and Netflix, but also praised show producer Shonda Rhimes for “saving” her role, and also revealed that she had withdrawn from the West End. Running with lions due to COVID-19 and mental health struggles.

“I can’t wait to fulfill all my commitments and have a good career and a good life,” Barker added. “Because I don’t want my diagnosis to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“I want to survive and I will survive and I will survive. And you too. There is beauty in it, you too. If you are with me, you are in good hands. Thank you.” she closed before checking out the rendition of Sexton.

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