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The Internet supports the woman’s response to her fiancé returning her wedding dress

The Internet criticizes the man for returning the wedding dress paid for by his partner and has garnered sharp criticism for his actions.

Now a viral post with 11,500 votes in favor is called “AITA for leaving my early husband for returning my wedding dress” and was shared on the subreddite “Am I the A ** hole” May 26 Redditor @ Sealine5033, 29 The woman, and her fiancé, a 33-year-old man, are getting married soon.

According to The Knot’s Real Weddings Study, 15,000 couples who married in 2021 had an average wedding dress cost of $ 1,800. In addition, 99 percent of people identified as female revealed that they had a dress for the wedding.

The Internet supports the woman’s reaction to the fact that her fiancé has returned her wedding dress. Here the bride in a wedding dress looks down while sitting on the stone steps.

“The wedding planning has been going well so far, except for that [a] A few things we argued about, like the venue and the flower girl, “OP said.” Now we’re arguing about my wedding dress. “

The woman revealed that she had dreamed from a young age that she would have “her own beautiful wedding dress”. She can afford it, but her fiancé thinks it’s okay to “throw away” a few thousand for a dress she only wears once.

The OP admitted that he might be right, but she told him that she was paying a “typical” price for the wedding dress. And in her opinion, it’s a “once in a lifetime thing, so why not make sure it’s special?”

But the woman’s fiancé was not entirely “convinced” and suggested that she borrow the wedding dress instead of buying it directly. He said she was “irresponsible to money” and mentioned how much money she had already set aside “for” renting a face “(thinking makeup) and wearing” fake “hair (thinking extending).”

However, OP has a “vision” of what she wants to look like on her wedding day, and she believes that this is her “right” as a bride. Eventually, she bought a wedding dress, but only a day later she realized she was missing from the closet.

“I was scared,” OP said, “but he told me he returned it and got the money back. I was shocked, I asked him why he did it, and he said he thought the dress was ridiculously expensive. and that the money was thrown away, and he suggested that I borrow it again. “

But that’s not the end of things. The woman admitted that she “inflated and left” her fiancé, which she has not yet done. He even took a few steps back and told her to “calm down.” She told him she had no right to it because she was paying for a dress.

“He was angry and said that there is no ‘I pay for it myself’ in marriage and that my attitude sets the tone for the type of dynamism we will have in our marriage,” she continued. “He went on to expect me to pay for everything while I keep my money or spend it irresponsibly (but I never tell him how to spend the money). any money. “

The partner told the woman that she should “grow up” and stop “dream wedding clichés”.

She said he had left and called his mother, who was also involved, chewing on the OP and adding that she would not allow her son to ruin her son’s “financial stability” with her money deals. She also advised the OP to borrow or get cheaper clothes and move on, but Redditor “refused.”

As for the couple’s finances, they have a deal that they are separated, saying that they “are considering joining them” a year or two after the wedding and when her partner settles in a new job. However, her partner said that if the OP kept it, it would “reconsider” it.

In another comment, the woman revealed that “money has never been a problem.” However, he has no idea why he is “still stressed” because of it. He wants to spend less, even on other things that are not related to the wedding. He even limited meals and “monthly purchases like electronics and furniture, which seems exaggerated to me. What bothers me more is that he does it with his and my money.”

She also added that her fiancé still had money from her dress, and said he would return it to her as soon as they came up with a solution.

Redditor Reactions: A ‘Red Flag’ Wedding

More than 4,000 comments have been made about the viral situation, and people are fully supportive of the woman, beating her husband for returning her clothes.

Redditor thinks the woman should call the authorities on a man “who stole several thousand dollars instead of marrying her, but it’s just me,” adding that the theme of the wedding was “red flags.”

The bridesmaids will be red, “they said. The groom will have a red suit. And the alley will be lined with ever-larger red flags until they reach the altar, which is actually just a tent from one giant red flag.

Commentary on Reddit

“Bridesmaids will wear red,” they said. “The groom will have a red suit. And the alley will be lined with ever-increasing red flags until there is an altar, which is really just a tent made of one giant red flag.”

Another user thinks the OP is not to blame, adding that they don’t even care if the dress cost $ 10 billion, one won’t return the bride’s wedding dress without first talking about it.

“And last time I checked, your mother-in-law isn’t your accountant and she should be able to decide how you spend your money,” they added. “If your fiancé wants to discuss budget issues as a couple, that’s great! That’s a good and responsible thing. Being angry and then crying at mom is not that.”

Some people directly called for a woman to leave her future husband because of a stunt. “NTA [not the a**hole]”Throw away his **,” the redditor said. “He’ll want to control everything when you get married, including what you do with your money. Get away from the mess, or you’ll regret it later. “

Another added: “The NTA, incredibly controls and rejects your views. It’s your money and an incredibly special day. I wouldn’t marry someone who didn’t respect me like that, and you shouldn’t either.”

Someone must set the tone for what this marriage will be like, and in your place I would run in the opposite direction to all the red flags they are waving.

Commentary on Reddit

One redditor said he would ensure that if they were in the skin of a woman, the man would not have access to her financial information, and insisted, “NTA. Someone is definitely setting the tone for what this marriage will be like, and if I were you, I would run the other way around.” than all the red flags he waves. “

Some users even described the situation as financial abuse, and one such user called a woman “crazy” if she married a man.

“This is just the beginning of his financial abuse,” they said. “The fact that he stuck to your money is staggering. There are lots and lots of red flags here, darling. Making an agreement means submitting to what he wants. This is your future, so be careful.”

Newsweek asked Redditor @ Sealine5033 for a comment.

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