Spider-Man No Way Home sneakers and Back To The Future sneakers are shown over a colorful background.

The famous movie sneakers can be yours thanks to the new internet search engine

The only vendor launches Netkicks, an interactive online tool that allows fans to search for sneakers of their favorite movie characters.

Buying iconic shoes from popular movies such as Spider-Man: No Way Home, Back to the Future and Forrest Gump is now easier than ever thanks to Netkicks.

Netkicks is a shoe-focused search engine created by The Sole Supplier, a sneaker retailer, search engine and news website. The online tool allows fans to easily find out and purchase shoes that have been displayed on the big screen. Moviegoers who want to emulate the style of some of their favorite movie heroes, such as Forrest Gump or Marty McFly, can find suitable footwear by simply searching on the platform. Although shoes cannot be purchased directly on the web, it allows users to check the price and research what expensive pieces of clothing can be.

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Netkicks includes an interactive tool where fans can immerse themselves in the sneakers they are interested in, including “how much the famous shoes cost and how much they are now sold for,” explains The Sole Supplier. Shoes on the web include Cortez White Reds, sneakers that were inspired by the Forrest Gump run, and Air Jordan 1 “Hyper Crimsons,” the shoe seen in the opening scenes Spider-Man: No Way Home. In Peter Parker, he wears shoes as he and MJ Watson rest on the roof and read the newspaper as they struggle with Parker’s new, glorious life. The sneakers cost $ 145.68 at the time of publication and now sell for approximately $ 377.16 at the time of writing.

Sneakers on Netkicks are not just from action or adventure movies. The New Balance Triple Whites seen in a biographical film Steve Jobs are also listed. The shoes first sold for $ 145.68 and last for $ 308.00.

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While shoes have long been an important aspect of the figure’s appearance on the screen, more and more franchises allow enthusiasts to show off their franchise love with specially designed shoes. Eidos-Montréal’s fans Guardians of the Galaxy The game recently launched a limited collection of shoes based on the main characters of the title, while Caped Crusader fans can view a unique pair of Batman sneakers, created by the fashion house Lanvin, which were exhibited during the last fashion week in Paris 2022.

Netkicks joins a long line of online retailers who care for fans who want to experience the reality seen in a select movie or TV show. Similarly, overalls as seen in Game squidwere recently created and released by Netflix in collaboration with Black Milk Clothing.

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