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The best TikTok gadgets that have become viral

TikTok has become a gold mine for the latest technologies, gadgets and home improvements. New products are trendy every day, and because of how often things become viral, they can reach a whole new audience.

We chose the best and most interesting gadgets we saw on TikTok virally. Some of them may look familiar, while others are well known in certain online communities.

The best TikTok gadgets for 2022

Lamp at sunset

Sunsets became popular as a trend, but very quickly they became almost ubiquitous household goods. It’s easy to see why, because they can add a warm atmosphere to any room while giving you the opportunity to take impressively lit photos.

This sunset lamp has various settings, so you can adjust the color: choose between the classic warm orange or choose a more vivid rainbow color. If you are looking for more inspiration, our friends from YourHomeStyle have chosen the best lamps available for the sunset.

Herb Saver Pod

These pods can be a lifeline, especially if you are trying to get your herbs on time. Herb Saver Pods have a neat lockable compartment that keeps their contents fresh for longer. There is also an opening that allows you to pour water into the pod, which helps keep your herbs in good condition.

Beauty Cooler for skin care

Not only will this keep your skin care products fresher, but it’s also a cute way to have them in one place. Skin care products often last longer when they are cold, and face masks, mists and creams can be better on your face when they are cold!

The skin care refrigerator also has a satisfying visual appeal, so it can serve as a decorative piece for your room.

Wireless charging station with UV disinfectant

This phrase is far too familiar, but the University of Arizona has found that the average smartphone is ten times dirtier than most toilet seats. It is not the most pleasant implementation, but it is easy to solve.

This wireless charging station has a built-in 10W UV disinfectant that allegedly eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on your phone. It also has some great features like fast charging, foreign object detection and LED lights for proper placement. It is a handy two-in-one device that can keep your phone in good condition.

Salter 3in1 Waffle / toast / panini maker

Thanks to the 3-in-1 Snack Maker from Salter, the three most popular comfort dishes can be prepared with one device. The machine can prepare toasts, waffles or paninis using various deep-loading trays.

The sandwich and waffle maker has comfortable handles for added safety, as well as LED power and ready indicators. In addition, the hobs should be non-stick so that the cooking process is quick and straightforward and the cleaning process is easier to handle.

LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis

Reusable water bottles have become one of the most popular ways to reduce our plastic consumption. Many brands have offered their views on a vacuum-sealed metal bottle, but LARQ has produced one that is self-cleaning and self-cleaning.

Using UV-C LED technology, the smart bottle can independently clean internal surfaces and purify water. This can be done upon activation or can automatically clean itself every two hours. The Li-polymer battery has a lifespan of up to one month, so you should not charge it every day to feel the benefits.

Townew smart waste bin

Smart baskets are something that is more common in technical homes, where every home appliance is some kind of great gadget. But these baskets are becoming more affordable and it’s a great feature you have at home.

Press the button and the basket can seal and replace the bags. In addition, it can automatically detect when the bin is full and replace it itself. It can also be opened without a wave of the hand – a much cleaner way to get rid of waste.

BACKTAP Backpack Cooler

Coolers are not the easiest items to carry, especially with the weight that is usually inside. BACKTAP hopes to avoid this problem by allowing you to carry it as a backpack.

It has a capacity of more than 13 liters and can hold about five bottles of standing wine. Or, to really use the impermeable space, you can pour about 15 bottles of wine (or any other beverage, of course) into the container.

Gingko Smart Diffuser Light

These diffusers are made of 100% wood from sustainable sources and also serve as decorative lights – they provide a visual and aromatic atmosphere.

You can add a few drops of essential oil to the top copper plate and as it heats up, the scent will spread into the room. They are also rechargeable, so you can place them anywhere in the house.


This can make the cooking process a little easier by quickly slicing the vegetables. After placing the vegetables in the compartment and pulling on the leash, the blades spin and cut through everything inside. For finer chopping, just pull a few more times!

Zip Slicer

Another cooking aid, this little gadget is perfect for slicing small fruits or vegetables that often roll – like cherry tomatoes. You can put them all inside and cut them at once before chopping each one individually.

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