The best gadgets for pet owners in 2022

The best gadgets for pet owners in 2022

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Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility. Your furry, hairy or scaly friend can take a lot of time and worry about it whenever you spend away from home. Technical companies know this and publish gadgets that will make your life and your partner easier.

Some pet aids help with housework such as feeding, while others are just for fun. The gadget can offer an easy solution to a common problem, while others are bizarre but still useful. So if you need to bring a little excitement into the life of your dog, cat or bird, read on. We have the best gadgets that pet owners can buy in 2022.

Remote delivery of treats

The automatic dispenser gives the dog a treat

Setting up a webcam to track your pet is nothing new. While taking care of a pet can be a full-time job, it’s impossible to be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so being able to look after your furry friend when you’re out of the house is invaluable. But why stop there?

Remote dispensers for treats take things to the next level. Not only can you keep an eye on your cat or dog, but you can communicate with them and reward them. This is especially useful if your pet likes to spend time alone hidden somewhere in private; the promise of a treat can make them control welfare quickly.

Furbo is probably the best known car paint dispenser. It comes with a wide list of features, including Alex integration, push notifications when your pet starts barking, and night vision cameras. Other manufacturers went a little further and designed dispensers of treats that can wander around the house. If the RC treat dispensing tank isn’t for you, another one was designed to look like an owl – which scares me, so who knows what it would do to my neurotic border collie. Furba will probably be the best.

Fetch from your hands

Dog with a tennis ball shooter
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A lot of dogs love fetching. And while they can happily spend hours chasing a tennis ball and bringing it back – it can be a little tedious for the people involved. That’s why we have automatic tennis ball launchers.

Unfortunately, it’s not just about unpacking the launcher and leaving your dog. You’ll have to show Fida how it works. On the other hand, how it works is quite simple. The tennis ball is thrown into a hole or hopper at the top of the batter and flies out from the front a few seconds later. Distances vary depending on the model; the corridor is a good choice for some launchers – more powerful models may require a garden. Some models allow you to pre-charge more balls, so you can use a ball launcher, even if your dog does not understand this concept.

Ball launchers tend to cost between $ 100 and $ 200. If you have a 3D printer and you know the Raspberry Pi, you can make one yourself.

Feeding time can be automated

Dog and cat near the automatic feeder

Although pets cannot read the clock, some of them seem to know when their exact feeding time is exactly one second. There is a problem if this time overlaps with a working Zoom meeting, a night at the theater or an evening nap. So if you don’t want to be licked by a hand lick, a paw or a cat that knocks something heavy off your shelf on your head, invest in an automatic feeder.

There are several automatic feeders. Some of them work with wet food; others require dry food. Different feeders also offer different timings – while one they can be designed to dispense meals for one day; others may let your pet be fed for a week. Some feeders play a pre-recorded message to call your pet for dinner; some have built-in cameras so you can keep an eye on your fluffy friend while eating. Electronic automatic feeders will also dispense precise portions of food, which is a big advantage over gravity-based systems.

The more ostentatious models also can do more than just deliver food at a set time. If your house has a fat cat that desperately needs to keep a diet, or a voracious dog that doesn’t leave your other pets’ food alone, you can buy an automatic feed dispenser that only opens for one particular pet. There are also automatic feeders for fish; If you don’t want a friend to make your aquarium work when you go on vacation.

Let the robot distract your cat

Confused looking cat with a toy

No, we’re not talking about letting your Roomba declare war on your cat friends – even if it’s possible. Many robotic options are available if you don’t want to sit there for hours with a laser pointer or need something that would please Mr. Whiskers when you’re out of the house. This is a cat version of the automatic fetch machine for dogs.

Most automatic lasers include a tower with a sphere in the shape of a cat’s head at the top. Several similar designs tend to become between $ 15 and $ 30, but higher class models have different settings and tend to be activated by movement. There is also an automatic laser on wheels, which is exceptional. If your cat makes a noise or pokes into the “Vepnanline Rechargeable Cat Ball Toy with Feathers”, it will roll at a predetermined speed while meowing, hanging with the above-mentioned feathers and shining with a laser. What not to love?

Even birds benefit from technology

Parrot next to the heater

Our feathered friends are intelligent creatures. They can imitate human voices, solve puzzles and form opinions on works of art. Despite their IQ, birds have a lot of fun. Simple objects, such as a sepia, a mirror, or a piece of rope, give them hours of fun – so there’s no point in mounting an old iPad on the side of their cage like a wall-sized TV. Birds don’t even need state-of-the-art automatic feeding and watering systems – all work is done by gravity.

There is still technology that can improve the lives of you and your birds. Not all birds are built for the winter; some come from the tropics, while others fly south when it cools. Your pets are no exception and it is possible that your thermostat is set too low. Enter smart heating for pets. It can keep your bird cage warm in the whole year. There are several options, such as automatic below. They radiate safe, constant heat over a wide area or allow your pet to curl up when he needs a little extra heat.

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