Researchers condemn "disgusting scenes" in Port Vale when Swindon players are surrounded

Researchers condemn “disgusting scenes” in Port Vale when Swindon players are surrounded

Sky Sports scientists Sam Parkin, Danny Gabbidon and Matt Taylor strongly condemned the post-match scenes, which thwarted the remarkable Port Vale win in a penalty shootout over Swindon.

Vale returned from a 2: 1 defeat in the first game and reached the League Two playoff final thanks to James Wilson’s early goal and recovery in the shootout. After a direct kick, they lost 2: 1, but they returned and won 6: 5 with a sudden death when Ellis Iandolo hit widely, which caused an invasion on the field.

Some supporters seemed to be trying to reach former Vale player Harry McKirdy, who was serving a penalty for Swindon on skis, and they seemed to be throwing their fists in exchanges as visiting players tried to get through the tunnel.

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Vale manager Darrell Clarke previously received a red card for violent overtime behavior after running down the sidelines and confronting Swindon captain Dion Conroy. He watched the drama from the stands.

Parkin said, “Incredible dynamics in a shootout. You don’t see that every day. I’m sick of Ellis Iandol. He was Swindon’s best player that night, a young guy and a great young player who bounces back.” From this. I’m sick of the boys and fans from Swindon. It’s really hard.

“It’s a real pain one and four nights on the turn, these are really disgusting scenes. I’d say it if it was on the other leg. We saw the players being attacked in the tunnel. They have to get it.” .

“We’ve seen Billy Sharp attacked, and tonight, the players involved in fracas have reappeared, leaving a sour taste.”

Co-commentator Gabbidon was not interested.

He said, “Incredible scenes here in Vale Park. Nothing to separate teams on two legs.”

“What we’re seeing now, these commissioners really need to get Swindon players into the tunnel and away from some of these fans. We never see some disgusting scenes. Some Port Vale fans are encouraging Swindon players who are reluctant to leave the pitch.

“Harry McKirdy was quickly taken away when several Port Vale tried to reach him. Disgusting scenes that ruin Port Vale’s fantastic night.”

Experienced commentator Alan Parry added: “We’ve definitely seen a sideline quarrel involving some Swindon players, and that’s very, very sad after two pulsating, wonderful cup games.”

After the playoff semifinals all week, the field was invaded, and EFL had issued a statement just hours before, asking fans to act.

Exeter manager Matt Taylor, who is in the service of convicts, said: “Minorities always make headlines. These are the scenes you want to see in football. Fans on the field are celebrating, respecting the opposition. his anger at the footballers. “


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