Rating of the 10 most used James Bond gadgets

Rating of the 10 most used James Bond gadgets

One of the basic icon icons James Bond Movies is an endless collection of gadgets. Q has been providing Bond with sophisticated Q-Gadgets since the first films in the series. And as Q Desmond Llewelyn said Killing licenses“If it weren’t for Q-Branch, you’d be long dead.”

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With more than twenty-five Bond Movies produced to this day, many of the gadgets have found reuse. And while cars like the Aston Martin DB5 have been well documented, what are the most widely used non-car gadgets in Bond movies?


11 Whistle activated key ring

Vivid daylight it was Timothy Dalton’s debut as Bond and Q’s lab was full of great inventions, such as a sofa, a swivel sofa that caught everyone sitting on it, and a rocket blast of a ghetto blast. Q-Provided Bond with a whistle-activated keychain commonly used by people who can’t find their keys.

But the Q version had a special use when a certain melody was heard. The whistling of the first “Brittania” bar caused the release of stunning gas, which was vital during Bond’s escape from a Russian air base cell. It could also be used as a distant explosive by attaching it to metal and whistling a wolf.

10 Rocket backpack

One of Bond’s most amazing gadgets, 007 Sean Connery, used it to escape Jacques Bouvard’s estate. The jetpack was a true Bell Rocket Rocket Belt developed by Bell Aerosystems for the US military. The military never used it because its fuel limits only allowed short and short flights, he says american rocket man.

The jetpack appeared in 2002 Die the next day when Bond mischievously turns it on in Qo’s underground lab. Jetpacks also performed strongly in James Bond video games Agent under fire and From Russia with love.

9 Safe cracker

The ability to break into a vault is absolutely essential for a secret agent. Fortunately, Q has designed many safe crackers for different types of safes. For Blofeld’s lawyer Gumbold, he used a large closet with an automatic safe cracker and a built-in copier.

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But there are also smaller options. in You only live twice the device heard the click of a safe and signaled it with light. in Moonraker Bond’s cigarette case was an X-ray device that allowed Bon to see the mechanism inside as he inserted the combination.

8 Sonic Agitator single digit ring

Die the next day the film was full of feedback to previous episodes, but it also had some of its own new ideas. John Cleese’s Q gave Bond a new handy device, a simple ring that acted as a sonic agitation unit. It proved quite useful against Gustav Graves by Toby Stephen.

Twisting the band would initiate a frequency that could break any unbreakable glass with which it came in contact. Bond used it on the glass floor just as he was about to be executed by Miranda Frost to launch a daring escape. He also used it on the windshield of his car to recover Jinx in time to resuscitate her.

7 Dart gun on the wrist

Q developed a discreet and affordable dart gun for Bond’s use Moonraker. As he stated james bond radioRoger Moore maliciously complicated Desmond Llewlyn’s dialogue for the scene where Q gave it to Bond. As an example, Bond shot an arrow at the back of a horse in Mova’s painting of King William III.

The gadget saved Bond’s life twice in the film. He first used armored piercing arrows to disrupt the performance of the uncontrollable centrifuge chamber. He later used a coated arrow inside to defeat Hugo Drax before sending him into space.

6 Spy glasses

Spy glasses are a great way for agents to gain an advantage by offering vision enhancements. in A look at the killingBond used a pair of adjustable polarized sunglasses to watch Max Zorin and Stacy Sutton through a darkened window.

The most famous, however, were X – ray glasses from The world is not enough. These glasses allowed Bond to see what weapons the enemy was wearing and where, although they also revealed a flash of women’s underwear. X-Ray and infrared glasses have also appeared in several video games.

5 Error detector

In the early days of Bond, there was an occasional scene where Bond examined his hotel room for observation or recording equipment. He often searched the room with a beetle detector that showed who was. in From Russia with lovehe used one to find a faucet on his phone.

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Roger Moore used bug detectors in his first and last film 007. v Live and let die he found that the button on the head of his bed was being tapped and found a camera in a statue that he covered with grapes. in A look at the killinghe examined his room with an electric razor that detected bedbugs.

4 Rebreather

Bond’s mission in 1965 Thunderball he saw him heading to the Bahamas, where he would do significant underwater work. Fortunately, Q only had the equipment he could use. The rebreather was about the size of a cigar and could be used in the absence of a diving tank to breathe underwater for up to four minutes.

It turned out to be absolutely essential, because Bond used it several times during the film. He returned in 2002 Die the next day when Bond infiltrated Gustav Grave’s alleged diamond mine. It was also seen in Star Wars: A hidden threat as an instrument worn by Jedi knights.

3 Ericsson JB988 mobile phone

Tomorrow never dies Bond introduced the first ever mobile gadget and this thing was packed with features! Its built-in features included a taser, master key and scanner, and a fingerprint duplicator.

However, his best feature was the ability to remotely control Bond’s BMW. Bond used this function during a chase in the parking structure of the Atlantic Hotel. The remote control could be used for high-speed and precise rotation and could be used to activate rocket launchers and other devices.

2 Attache case

Desmond Llewelyn’s first ever scene in the role of Q featured Bond on the attaché’s case From Russia with love. It contained a folding AR7 sniper rifle, 50 golden sovereigns, a hidden knife and a tear gas emitter for anyone who did not know the secret way of opening.

Bond used it throughout the film, especially in his memorable fight with Red Grant. Grant was stunned by the gas as he opened, and Bond took the opportunity to defend himself with a hidden knife. Bond brought the case with him during Golden fingerbut he was damaged by Goldfinger’s men during his investigation.

1 Wrist watch

Wristwatch gadgets have appeared in every era James Bond franchise. Thanks to its discreet everyday accessories, it is ideal for the Q-Branch to incorporate useful functions. He came in first Thunderball when used as a Geiger counter.

Bond has used the Breitling, Seiko, Rolex and Omega brands over the years. Common features include laser cutting, remote detonation and hooks. They were also seen monitoring the guidance equipment and receiving messages from MI6. Watch gadgets often appear in James Bond video games, including Zlatoočko 64 where it was used as a game pause menu.

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