Rating of players West Brom vs Wolves under 23 from the Premier League Cup final

Rating of players West Brom vs Wolves under 23 from the Premier League Cup final

The West Bromwich Albion Under-23 PL Cup ended in success when he defeated Black Country opponents Wolverhampton Wanderers under 23 in a real battle at The Hawthorns, which ended in a thrilling penalty drama.

Quevin Castro’s early ending meant that Albion took the lead after only ten minutes, the Portuguese poked into the cross from Tom Fellows, who bounced over Andreas Sondergaard and opened the score. Chem Campbell Winger tried Ted Cann on several occasions, and the young man looked menacing as he slashed from left to inside. His most notable effort in the first half saw a shot hit the side net.

The Wolves then settled after half an hour as Lee Harkin headed for Hugo Buen’s home center to get the visiting party back into the game. They were the guests, who exerted pressure throughout the match with a calm and measured game and thought they had found their winner when Hugo Bueno hit the far corner with his left foot.

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Although Albion’s energy levels waned, they hit the equalizer as Modou Faal acrobatically put the ball in the bottom corner as the overtime drew to a close. The shootout was a thrilling affair, with Ethan Ingram turning the victorious punishment into a sudden death to be greeted with enthusiasm by The Hawthorns.

West Bromwich Albion:

Ted Cann – 6

The goalkeeper managed his territory well and showed a good distribution when the ball was at his feet. However, he will be disappointed that he failed to stop Harkin’s goal, which touched him. It provided a strong stop at the end of normal time.

Reece Hall – 6

Useful for overlapping, Hall was calm and alternated well when he played the ball into his foot. He also concentrated on following Harkin’s movements as he entered the canals, but Campbell easily bypassed him in the first half.

Caleb Taylor – 7

The Albion captain led from behind and made several major interventions to prevent the Wolves from attacking from the crosses. Taylor shaved his crossbar late with his head.

Cianole Nguipissi – 6

The midfielder, who signed after his release from Birmingham City, defended well one on one and performed a heroic intervention when Joe Hodge made his way to the goal.

Ethan Ingram – 6

He combined the defender well with Fellows on the right and swung in several dangerous centers. But he often had to go inside to fight Hugo Buen’s reverse threat.

Aurio Teixeira – 6

Calm and controlled while on the ball, the midfielder occasionally tried to create pressure in the midfield, with the three Wolves being able to operate with ample space during the early stages.

Jamie Andrews – 7

They teamed up well with their attacking players and were able to score when the ball kindly fell on him from the volley. But Andrews made a powerful shift and the ending visibly exhausted him.

Zac Ashworth – 8

Steve Bruce made his championship debut only two weeks ago, the left defender showed a solid game, but his influence was mainly influenced by his defensive duties when he focused on keeping Lembikisa in check.

Tom Fellows – 7

The Wingman debuted at the EFL Championship in December and posed a direct threat to broad areas of the Wolves. Fellows created an opener as he knocked the ball around his husband and landed on Castro.

Fashion Faal – 8

The fellow, held relatively quietly by the Wolves’ back three, finally found the final touch, which he showed in the semifinals against Fulham with his acrobatic effort to find the net and send the game to penalties.

Quevin Castro – 6

His early intervention gave the Baggies a much-needed advantage in the final, as the away team began to look comfortable holding the ball. A 20-year-old man poked Tom Fellows in a skewed cross, who arched a little over Andreas Sondergaard. However, when Albion countered, he failed to select a lock on several occasions.


Rico Richards (for Tom Fellows 70 ‘) – He moved the ball well, but his penalty was easily neutralized by Sondergaard.

Jovan Malcolm (for Quevina Castro 81 ‘) – His attempted twisted penalty saved Sondergaard in a shootout.

Alex Williams (for Reece Hill 117 ‘)

Unused Substitutes – Hollingshead, M.Richards

Wolverhampton Wanderers:

Andreas Sondergaard – 6

The unfortunate departure from Marques caused Dan to have flat feet at the opening event, but when he played from behind, he played his part in the line-up of the away team and proved to be confident on the ball.

Dexter Lembiska – 7

A real threat to James Collins on the right, the young man gave some good crosses and looked like a powerful prospect when attacking on the right. He had a strong effort, which Cann saved late in normal time.

Hugo Bueno – 9 *

A wonderful pass for the equalizer, his curved ball into the lime brought joy to the traveling fans after a difficult start. The wing defender also looked very impressive when he cut in, which showed his goal as he drilled into the lower corner in overtime.

Yerson Mosque – 6

Another member of the away team, who looked calm and confident on the ball, Mosquera tried his best to find the ball across the field so that he could switch games. Threat in the air in both boxes as well.

Christian Marques – 7

In an effort to block Castro’s opening, Captain Wolves inadvertently sent the ball through his goalkeeper. The Portuguese have been heard organizing the back line on several occasions.

Justin Hubner – 5

The air-dominated Dutchman was impressive in the back line of the visiting team. However, the defender was lucky to escape the penalty for a hasty flight call on Teixeira in the first half and was to be expelled because he arrived late on Richards.

Luke Cundle – 7

After a few minutes of defeating the first team at home with Manchester City, the midfielder took his usual place for players under 23. Cundle tried to break the lines in a few sharp forwards and looked intelligent and conscious on the ball.

Harvey Griffiths – 6

The former potential Manchester City player rotated well in the middle zone three and had a chance to give his team an advantage when Wolves countered well, but he deflected his shot outside the goal.

Joe Hodge – 7

He wore a T-shirt with the number 10, in tandem with his compatriots from the middle of the field, trying to break the lines with both his pass and his movement.

Lee Harkin – 8

The attacker aimed to level the home Wanderers when he hit the center of Buena well. His movement occasionally pulled Albion’s back out of position and threatened to think all evening.

Chem Campbell – 8

Probably the most brilliant spark of the Wolves in the first half, the wingman showed quick legs as he sat in defense of the opponent, stabbing Canna’s gloves several times as he tried to reach the goal.


Taylor Perry (for Harvey Griffiths 74) – Good legs in cramped spaces and brought a little more energy to the center of the park.

Meritan Shabani (for Lee Harkin 96)

Harry Birtwistle (for Dexter Lembikis 113)

Unused Substitutes – Tipton, Hesketh

Judge – Adam Herczeg

Attendance – 7,530 (1,982 out)

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