Project Waves and Enterprise Community Partners will provide $ 1 million free internet -

Project Waves and Enterprise Community Partners will provide $ 1 million free internet –

Wave project provides free internet, computer literacy training and computer equipment for 200 city residents Ashland Commons and Hollins house – housing complex in East Baltimore and residential facilities in West Baltimore for the elderly and disabled – thanks to five years of cooperation with a non-profit housing developer Enterprise Community Partners.

This new partnership extends Project Waves’ previous work to create fairer Internet access in housing estates, retirement communities, public housing and other multi-dwelling units. All of these efforts are aimed at closing the huge digital divide in Baltimore, which was the subject of research at the beginning of the pandemic.

“We’re learning that real estate itself is like a neighborhood,” said Project Waves CEO Samantha Musgrave he said “It’s just the beginning when we put in a Chromebook or connect someone’s device to a service. We need to help people learn how to identify a secure Wifi network, how to actually start using the Internet. Many of our residents create their first e-mail addresses and need practice on how to use these things. ”

The Waves project, with Hollins House residents, is installing the Internet. (Photo courtesy)

The residents of Hollins House have already joined the free source and the Ashland Commons is expected to follow by the end of June. Partnership and funding from organizations such as France-Merrick Foundation, Internet Society Foundation and Control Authority of Maryland enable Project Waves to provide these free services by 2027. Residents are also provided with digital literacy training on topics such as privacy settings or access to telehealth services to help them make better use of the Internet.

In 2022 he collaborated with Project Waves Volunteers of America Chesapeake provide free internet to the other two housing units by the end of August. We hope that through partnerships like this, along with continued involvement in these multi-apartment communities, Project Waves will serve several thousand customers by the end of the year.

Each complex acquires a symmetric speed of 350 Mbps. Musgraves notes that organizations provide this in places where ISPs traditionally do not provide similar speeds.

“They use DSL connections and the property owner has given the office staff hotspots because the speeds are so sad,” Musgraves said. “It really shows the community and the people in these decision-making spaces what the provision of useful Internet services looks like when we address the digital divide.”

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