Parents confused by child payment changes this week - "I don't understand"

Parents confused by child payment changes this week – “I don’t understand”

When checking their bank accounts yesterday (May 26), many found that a small payment was due today (Friday) when they expected the full usual payment on Monday. The HMRC assured parents that they had “nothing to worry about” after receiving unexpected smaller payments for their children.

One quarter of the benefit is paid today (Friday, May 27) and the rest on Monday.

An HMRC spokesman confirmed that the changes were “nothing to worry about” and said the changes had been made to ensure that people received the right payments over the upcoming jubilee weekend.

They said: “In short, it’s just processes and work around public holidays and customers don’t have to worry.

“We usually process payments for customers on Thursdays and Fridays on the following Mondays and Tuesdays.

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“Of course, this is not possible, because these two dates are public holidays next week.

“Instead, we processed payments due on Monday and Tuesday, May 30 and 31, earlier this week, so that we could process payments due on Monday, June 6, early next week, as opposed to the usual Thursday / Friday.

“This will ensure that customers receive payments due on Monday and Tuesday, June 6 and June, in a timely manner.”

Concerns were raised because there was no explanation for the distribution of the payment and there was no warning to the parents. It was not mentioned on the HMRC website, according to ChronicleLive.


@tsphipps said: “For reasons I don’t understand, due to Monday holiday (this is not BH) one week tomorrow and the remaining three weeks on Monday 6.6.22.”

@ LouiseWoolley6 said, “I have a pending payment in just a week that is worth viewing, should the payment usually be due on Monday?”

Meanwhile, @ mirts88 said, “It affected me, too.”

Parents who use online banking to view pending payments have been notified of an unexpected payment that is due to their accounts today. However, those who do not see the pending payments may be shocked, as there is no explanation that the rest of the payment will follow on Monday.

HMRC has already published details of changes in pay dates when the child allowance is due next Monday (June 6) due to the jubilee holiday, but no mention has been made of changes affecting payments due this Monday (May 30).

An HMRC spokesman continued: “As far as split payments are concerned, some things needed to be fine-tuned to ensure that customers receive their payments on time due to a quick double holiday, so they were processed in this way.

“However, this does not leave customers in their pockets because they still receive the full amount on or before the due date. Customers paying weekly on Monday will receive payment on Friday, May 27, 2022 instead of Monday, May 30.

“Customers who pay four times a week will receive one week child benefit on Friday, May 27 and three weeks child benefit on Monday, May 30.

“Customers who have weekly installments on Tuesday, May 31 will receive them on Monday, May 30. Customers who receive monthly child benefit payments will receive a payout of one week on Monday, May 30 and the remaining three weeks on Tuesday, May 31.

“We are updating the HMRC website to reflect this and make it clearer.”

Entitlement to child benefits can help people with the cost of their children. It is usually paid every four weeks.

If someone is entitled, they will receive GBP 21.80 per week for their first child and GBP 14.45 per week for additional children.

People can apply for child allowances if:

  • They are “responsible for the child”
  • The child is under the age of 16 – or 16 to 20 – and is still in education or training

It doesn’t matter if someone works, they have savings and investments.

More information on entitlement to child benefit can be found at

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