Owen Farrell: The return of the English center welcomed before the Australian series

Owen Farrell: The return of the English center welcomed before the Australian series

English attack coach Martin Gleeson saw a renewed hunger from Owen Farrell as he returned to the national team after a period full of injuries.

Farrell had an ankle problem at the end of last year and missed Six Nations with a separate number, while his Saracen comeback was a boost for both the club and the country.

He will now hope to regain his jersey in England along with the captain’s leadership as the team prepares for its series of three tests against Australia.

Hungry for his release

“Owen is a key, really important member of the team for us. Was great. He manages a lot of behavior, attitude, desire in the team, “said Gleeson during the three-day training camp.

“That guy is hungry.” He has a big layoff, was injured in the Aussie match, was missing in the Six Nations.

“He just wants to play rugby, he’s a rugby player, he loves it out there and he loves it every day. He is a student of the game and constantly talks about things.

“The point with Owen is that he is a good all-rounder, he can play the line, he can organize, he can kick well. It has a whole range of features.

“It’s good to be back in camp, really good to be back.” I think it will be a huge positive for the group. “

Many expect Farrell to be back in the No. 12 jersey alongside Marcus Smith, who is half of him, and Gleeson would like to see the combination flourish over time.

“She and Marcus got along really well in the fall. They work really well together, “he revealed.

“I think Owen can relax Marcus a little so he doesn’t have much to think about.”

“Marcus plays with a smile on his face, plays what he sees and is quite instinctive. Owen can be really controlled and methodical. The combination of the two from what I’ve seen is good.

“Marcus and I have small groups with him talking about what we need to do.” We are doing this together with some other players who are leading the attack. “

However, one of the exceptional stories from the English team’s recent selection was the inclusion of 19-year-old stunt Henry Arundell, who impressed Glesson this season.

“Henry is a really good talent.” He has speed. He’s a big guy on the wing, well built. He has a phenomenal talent and he has shown it in recent weeks, “he said.

“He’s a young boy and I can’t wait to see him on the training field to see how he’s doing in this different environment.”

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