Outage warning as thousands of gas workers go on strike due to wages

Outage warning as thousands of gas workers go on strike due to wages

Thousands of Cadent gas workers will go on strike in a pay dispute later this month.

Approximately 2,000 members of the GMB Union will shut down the instruments for two days on Monday (May 30) and Tuesday (May 31). Union leaders have warned that the protest could lead to blackouts in households and businesses across England, including the North West.

The strike is taking place because trades have stopped over wages and conditions. Employees refused to increase wages below inflation by 2 percent for 2021 and by 4 percent from July 22. GMB bosses say that with inflation at 11.1 percent, the deal equates to a “massive real wage cut.”

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Cadent reportedly achieved an operating profit of GBP 901 million in 2021, while CEO Steve Fraser was paid GBP 1.4 million in 2020/21. Australian MacQuarie owners currently plan to purchase National Grid gas transportation and metering for an estimated £ 4.2 billion.

“GMB members have had enough,” said Gary Carter, the national union director. “They are determined to stick together and fight for what is right. He deserves a better salary. In recent years, Cadent has reduced the salaries of new start-ups who cannot survive at such low salaries. The bosses have trumpeted that they have raised rates to £ 10 an hour – but that is nothing to be proud of. It’s a bad salary for skilled work.

Cadent workers will go on strike after the salary and terms agreements have stopped

“Cadent Gas pays its CEO £ 1.4 million a year and brings great profits from its taxpayers to its MacQuarie owners – it can afford to pay its employees properly. Cadent is out of contact with its employees and out of contact with the cost of living crisis. The bosses have to pull their heads out of the sand and start listening to the workers. “

Cadent bosses have assured customers that a secure and reliable gas network will continue throughout the strike. The company said it had offered employees a 6.08% pay rise over two years, while making changes to employee conditions based on feedback.

Martin Rimmer, Head of Human Resources at Cadent, said: “We are disappointed that no agreement was reached with GMB on the balanced salary of the entire package we offered to our field operations units. We would like to assure our customers that we will continue to provide them with a safe and reliable gas network during any event. ”

Cadent says GMB members “did not take into account the entire salary package”, which they say would mean that qualified engineers earn more than £ 50,000 on average. Mr Rimmer added: “Despite the rejection of the pay agreement, we have introduced pay increases to our lowest wages to at least £ 10 per hour to ensure that they are paid in excess of Real Living’s pay. We believe this is the right thing to do.

“While all our colleagues will receive a salary increase of 6.08%, the impact of the minimum wage of £ 10 per hour means that 37.5% of colleagues on our new contract will receive more than a 13.9% salary increase in the two years since June 2021. if the salary agreement is adopted. This is in addition to the one-off payment of GBP 750 paid in January 2022 to our field staff and colleagues. It is disappointing that it has not been possible to reach an agreement on a fair salary agreement and has offered a wider package to colleagues. “

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