Ospreys surprised by Morgan's omission

Ospreys surprised by Morgan’s omission

Wales head coach Wayne Pivac speaks with Jac Morgan in training during Six Nations 2022

Ospreys head coach Toby Booth says he was surprised by the decision to leave Waca Morgan of Team Wales on tour in South Africa.

Head coach Wayne Pivac says he would like Morgan to work on his strength and fitness before next season.

The defender made his debut in Wales in 2022 at Six Nations, but failed to make it to the 33-member summer team, and Pivac preferred Tommy Refell without a cap.

Booth says Morgan was one of the Ospreys’ “outstanding players” this year.

“I’ve had a good chat with Jac about what we want him to do out of season, and it’s a lot of work in terms of what he can do in terms of strength and fitness,” Pivac explained.

“That game is really a physical game. Wherever we go, South Africa, there are a lot of very big men.”

“We asked him to improve, if he can, in this physical area when he’s over the ball and he’s even stronger than him.

“He’s leaving and will work hard on his game, I know that. He’s a young guy and he desperately wants to get back on the team. It’s all in front of him.”

Booth believes that Morgan demonstrated physical qualities during his first season with the Ospreys after coming from the Scarlets.

“I had interviews with Wayne and his decisions, and I had an interview with Jac,” Booth said.

“All I can talk about is the performance Jac has shown us and been one of our exceptional players – along with Rhys Webb – all year.

“In relation to what he does in terms of performance, he is in the top three in completed tackles, in the top three in dominant tackles and in the top three in stealing outages.

“Wayne knows what he wants to do in South Africa, what kind of game he wants to play. All I can comment on is that I know Jac will use it as fuel to improve.”

“She cannot control herself [selection], the only thing he can control is what he does next. But in terms of URC performance, he is one of our exceptional players.

“It’s Wayne’s decision. He has his reasons and questions about the reasons being directed to him, all I can do is support our player when he drops out and be left out, and help him get back on track where he wants to go.”

“But looking ahead, for example against the Stormers, the South African opposition, he had four thefts in South Africa against them.

“Wayne has decided Jac can only control what he does next, and that’s Friday’s match.” [against Bulls]. “

Booth encouraged Morgan to respond to the frustration of missing the selection, with Coach Ospreys saying he should play a role in the process.

“He’s a devoted, passionate man who is young at his age, but his look is very mature and he is surrounded by a lot of people who have been through it,” Booth said.

“We’ve talked about it, as have I, with other players, and our job is to produce winning performances and performances that show the team and Jaca in their best light, which poses a problem.

“When people miss it, they’re very emotional and frustrated. They want to be clear about what that means.”

“This is when your head coach becomes a massive support and helps to nurture frustrations and disappointments in the right way.

“This is a test of endurance, and as soon as the wounds heal a little, he raises his hand to notice him and returns to the international ladder.”

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