Now you can pay for home renovation and internet in Ottawa cryptocurrency

Now you can pay for home renovation and internet in Ottawa cryptocurrency

The value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrents fell from the cliff.

And even though $ 1,000,000,000,000 has been washed away in the last month alone, one local company says they stay with bitcoin for a long time.

OakWood Designers and Builders offers home customers a bitcoin payment option.

It is the first and only construction company in Ottawa to accept cryptocurrencies.

“We had some questions from some of our clients about bitcoin, and we basically started incorporating it about three or four weeks ago,” said John Liptak, president and CEO of OakWood.

Customers will receive an OakWood Bitcoin wallet address.

They enter the address in the specified field on their own bitcoin wallet payment page, enter the amount and then press send.

Regardless of the current cryptocurrency, Liptak says OakWood is committed to cryptocurrency.

“The value of bitcoin is falling a bit right now,” says Liptak. “But we look at everything from a long-term perspective. Everything in our company is 10, 20 years.”

Despite the massive crash, cryptocurrency experts are still optimistic about the future of the digital currency.

“Between March and July 2021, the price of bitcoin halved again. And we immediately went back upstairs,” says Erica Pimentel of Queen’s University Smith School of Business. “People in cryptospace will tell you to put down your bitcoin key, put it in a drawer and give it to your children in 20 years.”

The Canadian Internet service provider, Oxio, also provides customers with more options for cryptocurrencies.

“We were the first to offer cryptopay,” said Marc-André Campagna, co-founder and CEO of Oxio. “And we’re still the only ones in Canada offering cryptopay.”

Campagna says the crypto option was quite popular with hundreds of their customers who jumped on board.

“In fact, it has surpassed our expeditions of bitcoin-paying people. And it’s not just bitcoins. There are people who also pay for bitcoins, litecoins, dai, etherere and dogecoins. “

Along with the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies, Oxio is the only ISP that uses referral codes such as these RS2DJ4O provide new customers with a month of free internet when using a code to register.

“We believe in a transparent and decentralized world that cryptocurrencies could create in the future,” says Campagna. “And like the Internet, we think it will provide equal access for people around the world.”

Many investors have lost life savings in the crypto collapse. Experts offer this advice to ordinary consumers, buy only what you can afford to lose, because the digital currency is so volatile.

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