North Ayrshire in shock from receiving a cell phone

North Ayrshire in shock from receiving a cell phone

Mobile coverage in the UK is constantly improving, but it may still vary in reliability from region to region and depending on the mobile network you use and the phone you are using.

As the introduction of 5G continues to expand across the UK, mobile phone retailer Fonehouse reveals which areas in the UK have the best and worst mobile coverage, with North Ayrshire emerging as the second worst mobile coverage area.

The study used data from Ofcom’s Connected Nations 2021 coverage control and reporting tools on the Three, Vodafone, EE and O2 websites to generate an overall coverage score using five factors: 3G services, 4G services, 5G services, voice services and data services. These were then ranked from highest to lowest to reveal the best and worst areas.

North Ayrshire proved to be the second worst area in the United Kingdom for mobile coverage with poor coverage across 4G and 5G services. With a possible score of 2,500 that can be obtained, North Ayrshire reached 1875 – 13.77% below average!

The areas in the United Kingdom with the worst mobile coverage are:

1 Derry City and Strabane

2 North Ayrshire

3 Shetland Islands

4 Isles of Scilly

5 Wrexham

6 East Devon

7 East Lindsey

8 Dover

9 Dumfries and Galloway

10 Central Ulster

The UK areas, which have some of the worst mobile coverage, have had weak services from at least one factor, with insufficient 5G deployment. Derry City and Strabane have proven to be the worst mobile coverage areas in the United Kingdom, with the Shetland Islands in third place.

The areas in the United Kingdom with the best mobile coverage are:

1 Camden

2 Brent

3 Watford

4 Redbridge

5 Luton

6 Newham

7 Kingston upon Hull, city

8 Lewisham

9 Lambeth

10 Hounslow

The areas that ranked first have great coverage across five factors, so there should be no problems when it comes to using your phone in these areas. Camden emerged as the area in the United Kingdom with the best mobile coverage, followed by Brent and Watford.

Ben Branson, CEO of Fonehouse, said:

“Mobile networks are constantly evolving and improving over the years as more and more networks build masts across the country, improving the scope and quality of mobile coverage. Nevertheless, there are still areas where coverage is weaker than others, as deployment is hampering the availability of technology.

“5G has come a long way since its first launch and offers a much wider range of compatible phones, available areas and networks. The latest devices with newer 5G chipsets, such as the iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22, will benefit from the rapid deployment of 5G networks after throughout the United Kingdom. ”

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