My seven-year-old daughter started selling eggs.  Here's what taught me about startup.

My seven-year-old daughter started selling eggs. Here’s what taught me about startup.

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One of the funniest things in the world is to start a business. There is nothing enriching but to challenge and bring your idea to life. When I saw my own 7-year-old daughter starting her own business selling eggs from our backyard chickens, it confirmed to me.

At home we have five chickens kindly named “The Rubys”. My daughter eagerly experimented with business and realized that with one egg a day from each chicken, we had more eggs than we could ever need. She made a plan to sell extra eggs in half a dozen packs to our neighbors.

I am proud to say that it sold out in two hours a year. Her success has made me think – what lessons can I learn from this in my business and leadership?

1. Jump your shoes into the puddle first

One of the best tips I’ve ever received in business is to get started before you’re ready. Everyone was a beginner once and there really is no better way to learn than just to do it. When we challenge ourselves to learn and grow outside our comfort zones, big things can happen. Get your shoes dirty and go to work!

It’s okay to do the work before you know what each step of the journey will bring. I can guarantee that absolutely no one can figure it all out, and the only way to accelerate learning and growth is to just start.

One of the great lessons I’ve learned in my career is that pivoting is okay. Trying a new direction or approaching from another angle is not a bad thing and in the long run it will only help you.

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2. Don’t be afraid to take on different roles

While it’s always relevant, in the beginning of a business, leaders simply can’t be afraid to take on different roles. At the beginning of DOZR, our leadership team got their hands dirty and did what was needed – and we are certainly not the only founders to take on several roles.

In her egg sales business, my daughter has taken on marketing, sales, delivery, customer service and animal care. There’s a lot to be said about hiring people who can fill in the gaps where you may be missing, and I’m certainly not suggesting that you run the scaling yourself. However, getting inside is extremely convenient. Gaining an overview of different roles and departments can give you a whole new perspective on your business from the inside out.

3. Keep your messages simple

It’s easy to get tangled up in the news. And that’s fair – you’re excited about your business! But consumers are busy. Keep your messages easy to read and to the point. State what you provide to the customer and why you are the best at it.

My daughter’s marketing message is basic, but effective in focusing on outcome. She chose the platform and shared her offer.

“Hi, my name is Maggie and I have five chickens.” Their names are Ruby # 1, Ruby # 2, Ruby # 3, Ruby # 4 and Ruby # 5. Each Ruby lays one egg a day. They are free range, organic and tasty. We have an extra 18 eggs available each week. Six eggs for $ 3.50 or 12 eggs for $ 6.00. “

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4. Customer service matters

Customer service is essential for success. Satisfied clients can bring so many positives to the brand: recommendations, recommendations, reputation building, repeat business. Find out what your customers need and find out how to provide it.

My seven-year-old daughter was wondering how her customers would get eggs. It provided two free options: pick-up at the sidewalk and delivery of the bike after school. After its initial success, the neighbors demanded alternating supply schedules in order to participate in the supply.

5. Take care of your team

Perhaps one of the most important lessons learned in business and life is to take care of your team. Rubies are essential to my daughter’s success, but they require careful care and maintenance. The pursuit of excellent care pays off in the long run.

Happy employees contribute to successful organizations. Numerous studies show that happy employees are productive employees, even evidence that companies recognized for their employee happiness show greater financial success.

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Above all, never forget business entertainment. For me, there is simply no better way to challenge and test my creativity and problem-solving skills than to start a business. By capturing this fun, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Starting an egg business has improved my daughter’s financial literacy, helped her build confidence and provide her with real customer service experience, among the many small life lessons she has learned. If she learned these valuable skills by selling eggs for $ 3.50, imagine what you can learn through your business. Above all, the child’s willingness to learn and the readiness to never be the smartest person in the room is a business lesson in itself – and worth listening to.


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