Motorola will unveil the world's first 200MP camera phone in July

Motorola will unveil the world’s first 200MP camera phone in July

Even though it’s still spring, it looks like Motorola is already in a mood and has recently joined forces with T-Mobile (and Metro by T-Mobile) give this brand’s hot new 5G mid-ranger for free and then give us timely access to one key point of sale for two very exciting upcoming devices.

Shortly after confirmation the most advanced processor Chen Jin, CEO of Lenovo’s Chinese Mobile Business Group, who is ready to power next-generation folding Razr at Weibo, used the same microblogging platform to tease the arrival in July of “a new scale for an image experience not limited to parameters.”

It’s … an opening border!

As mysterious as it may sound, it is not really incredible to guess what exactly to expect here. That’s because Lenovo’s chief executive is also ready to confirm that this (not so) mysterious phone will “open the era of 200 million pixel mobile photography.”

This absolute monster is likely to join the fast-growing (and increasingly impressive) The Motorola Edge family, rather than being officially officially under the Frontier brand, and today’s Weibo trailer ensures the July launch is largely guaranteed, at least in China.
Many (global) brands have already unsurprisingly committed to “Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 platform”, including Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme and possibly Samsung, which is almost certainly planning Galaxy Z Flip 4 a Fold 4 runs faster than the S22 series.

More than just an impressive sounding camera

Coincidentally, Samsung is the maker of the crazy-sounding 200MP Isocell sensor, which is expected to make its commercial debut on Motorola’s next-generation flagship, although the world’s number one smartphone market may plan to come in handy. more advanced version of this lens in 2023 Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Because higher megapixels don’t always translate into a great real-world shooting experience, photographers may not want to be too excited about “Frontier” … yet.

Of course, there are plenty of other amazing things to look forward to on this ultra-top device that has repeatedly and consistently escaped lately, from an extra curved design with a silky smooth 144Hz OLED screen to a 60MP front panel. shooter and 4500mAh battery equipped, get this, insanely fast 125W cable charging and insanely fast 50W wireless charging technology.

If an older rumor that has not been confirmed for some time also breaks through, the massive 200MP camera on the back of the Frontier will be joined by a 50MP ultra-wide sensor and 12MP telephoto lens to create one of the most versatile and powerful mobile imaging systems available in 2022.

From all this, it looks quite clear Motorola wants to give the world ‘s best smartphone manufacturers (and in the US) spending their money in more than the middle class market segment. Let’s just hope that the price is also right, which is never a guarantee when all the leaks occur, in order to avoid any firm predictions in this area.

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