MMA Superfan goes from the Internet to Cageside |  UFC FIGHT PASS

MMA Superfan goes from the Internet to Cageside | UFC FIGHT PASS

After defending his medium-weight belt at UFC 263, Israel Adesanya made a pit stop, handed his belt to Boogerbeard, and celebrated with him for a moment before heading to the back. In the world of MMA, this seems like a “pretty cool” feat, but on a large scale it is unheard of.

Never in Hample’s wildest dreams would the MVP or World Series winner look for him in the crowd and give him the trophy. His real name may not be there and may be a mystery, but in a short time he will probably be able to accurately describe himself as the most respected sports fan.

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“Growing up, I caught PRIDE reruns when they were aired,” Boogerbeard said. “At the time, I was watching them, and then I went through a time when I hadn’t watched any at all for about ten years, because I was watching boxing. I was a much bigger fan of boxing and about seven years ago I really started doing MMA. I wouldn’t say I knew much about it; especially on land exchanges, I was the guy who was like ‘stand up.’ Gradually and over time, I got more into it all. “

Boogerbeard “found his place,” so to speak, by making videos on Twitter with roasting fighters that were so exaggerated that he found a way to make money, but not for himself, but for people in need.

“People sent me screenshots of their donations to The Good Fight Foundation, and I made a video of me talking to whoever they wanted,” Boogerbeard explained. “Mark Henry saw them and ordered five for Frankie Edgar, DC and several others.” More and more people have seen them from there and I don’t know, fighters just have a good sense of humor. Nothing offends them. “

After Boogerbeard went through Mark Henry’s account for almost an hour to verify that it was in fact Mark Henry, he made videos and drove even further before he realized it.

Aljamain Sterling, especially through the top video aimed at the bantamweight champion, captured the most attention from his early videos. Followers flocked, applications flooded, and before he could continue to raise over $ 7,000 for The Good Fight Foundation and put considerable pressure on his growing audience. Eventually, he went from buying pizza to the crew to receiving requests from some of the biggest MMA stars almost overnight.

“As I started getting more and more orders, I got nervous about it, like, ‘Will I still be funny? Am I all funny now? ”“ All those things, ”he explained.

One of the fighters, who has gained a special luster since he went public, is the two-time UFC FIGHT PASS journalist of the year, Chase Hooper.

Boasting unproven claims that he lives under Hooper’s porch and had several UFC wrestling companions with Hooper, he co-performed at Hooper’s second home, Extra Rounds, and communicated with him regularly on social media. Of all the fighters who have shown love for the mysterious and strange figure of social media, Hooper blurs the line between “fighters who enjoy me on social media” and “a true friend.”

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“A lot of these guys are kind of the internet or some are internet friends, I think, but Chase is a friend, man,” Boogerbeard said. “Chase is amazing.”

In just two short years, he turned from an ordinary fan into hanging out with his favorite warriors or, in the case of Gerald Meerschaert, receiving gear and handwritten letters. Life has stood in the way of participating in Hooper’s Fight Night match with Felipe Colares, but all the way he will be the loudest landscaper on Earth and it looks like Hooper will have MMA in his corner in his next venture.

His professional debut.

It’s hard to say how serious he means, as we learned, but while Hooper will definitely serve as his BJJ coach and Israel Adesanya will certainly be his striking coach, he should at least have the most famous corner in the game.

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