Mark Lawrenson will leave Football Focus after 25 years as a regular pundit on the BBC show

Mark Lawrenson is leaving BBC Football Focus after 25 years as a scholar

The former Liverpool defender has announced that he is leaving the popular Saturday afternoon show of the BBC for a quarter of a century, when he acted as a regular scholar.

Mark Lawrenson leaves Football Focus after 25 years as a regular scholar on the BBC

Mark Lawrenson recorded his latest Football Focus in 25 years on the popular BBC show.

The former defender of Liverpool and Preston North End has been a prominent figure in Saturday’s afternoon show since 1997, but today’s FA Cup final between the Reds and Chelsea proved to be his last appearance on the show.

Lawrenson has also been a regular contender of the day and final scores over the years and is known for putting a dry sense of humor into science. During today’s Focus, a special cut was screened, which was recorded live from Wembley before the Cup finals and highlighted some of the funniest moments of his prison career.

The 64-year-old even received a farewell message from none other than Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

The German message was: “Mark, I heard you were stopping Football Focus. People told me you did it for 25 years, but you look like you could do it for another 25 years. Like Football Focus and the legend of Liverpool. I wish you all the best, let me You’ll be doing anything, probably playing golf or something with Kenny (Dalglish).

“You’ll know how to use your time. All the best from Liverpool. I’ll see you.”

The program captured the Lawrensons’ projection of the montage at Wembley, and after watching it, he told moderator Alex Scott: “I’ll miss it.

Lawrenson was shown a compilation of his best pieces from the show live on the big screen at Wembley

“There are so many things to talk about. All it’s about today is that my daughter is supposed to be here, but she’s in college, so she’s probably still in bed! So Ruby get up! I’ll only enjoy it if Liverpool will win with all honesty. ” I think this is the best team we’ve ever had. They played so well. They play ugly and win, they play well and they win. And they have a fantastic manager. It can take that long that way. “

Lawrenson’s departure comes just a week after his longtime scholar Garth Crooks announced his departure from the Final Score.

Crooks, also 64, received an emotional farewell from host Jason Mohammad, to which he replied: “This is very kind of you. Not only you, but also your predecessors – Ray Stubbs, Gabby Logan – have all done a great job. I owe a lot of gratitude to you and the BBC. It was great fun. “

Lawrenson (right) has been a regular Football Focus expert for 25 years

Lawrenson’s fellow scholar Dion Dublin said: “I’ve been doing this show for a long time and I’ve had Lawr and Garth. They were my mentors when I came in and said ‘don’t say that’ or ‘do that’. I listened to these guys and they put me in this position. I mean happy retirement, good performance and thank you. “

Lawrenson shaved his mustache in 2002, losing a bet after Bolton Wanderers stayed in the Premier League.

In 2018, he got quite clear after the cancerous growth was removed from his face after the viewer rang when he noticed. Lawrenson later met and thanked the viewer on the broadcast in a future episode of Focus.

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