"Like anyone, it knocked him down like a train."

“Like anyone, it knocked him down like a train.”

Upcoming Newcastle boss Dave Walder hopes the Falcons will soon conclude negotiations that Mark Wilson will be on board his coach’s ticket for the 2022/23 Gallagher Premiership season. It was on February 14 that it was confirmed that the 32-year-old English row rower would end the game with immediate effect just two weeks after his long-awaited return from the Falcons bench.

In the end, Newcastle’s stalemate caused an unpleasant knee injury that won 23 games in England and in 2019 played the World Cup final on the bench. Rugby director Dean Richards said this at the time of the announcement of retirement RugbyPass: “I hate to talk about retired people, it’s like writing him down in his life. It sounds damn awful, “he said.

“His knee has been spinning for some time and we recently sat down after one of the matches and said he went to the court, warmed up on his bike and just fought, his knee was locked on the court and he limped around. [Retirement] it didn’t come as a surprise to me to be honest. He’s had a lot of problems with that in recent years. “

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Although he he currently had his No6 Coffee House in RytonWilson’s future plans were unknown when he retired, but when there were reports last week that head coach Walder would replace Richards when he resigned as rugby director at the end of the season, Newcastle media reported that “Mark Wilson is also expected to that he will become a member of the coaching team ”.

According to Walder, this potential bond, which would put Newcastle back in the lead, has not yet been fully signed. “No, there are various little things going on to clarify roles and responsibilities,” he said when asked by the future Falcons chief. RugbyPass for up-to-date information on the situation with their recently retired Star Striker.

“Mark has made it clear that he wants to do training.” From a gaming point of view, it’s a club legend and I think there are a few pieces and bits, dot Is and cross T before we know exactly where we are. Honestly, I only had a few coffees with him. It was a bit of a shock with his knee.

“He didn’t play as much as he wanted until the beginning of the season, he wasn’t in as great shape as he hoped he would be.” He is a phenomenal professional, a phenomenal athlete, and so somehow it caught him. Like everyone, it hit him like a train, he took some time and started training for duathlon and he is in good physical condition.

“His knee still causes him problems, but he realized that in a coach’s life you can stand around, you don’t have to run.” But mentally he is in a good place and he looks forward to hopefully re-engaging and helping the club move forward.

“HHe did a few pieces and pieces (coaching) in several local clubs and he was certainly very proactive in talking to coaches in different sports and different teams and trying to get ideas from them and find out exactly the advantages and disadvantages. how they do things.

“We talked about how our job as a coaching group is to strike a balance and the right connection, and it’s in everyone’s interest to make sure we’re all doing what we’re good at, and trying to figure out exactly what it might take a little . a bit of time. Once we know what it is, we can all use our strengths to help the group move forward. ”


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