Janet Peischel's The Internet Marketer: Forgotten by Technology: Sounds like someone you know?

Janet Peischel’s The Internet Marketer: Forgotten by Technology: Sounds like someone you know?

Janet Peischel

Sandy is a landscape architect. She started a business 12 years ago after the divorce. It provided some flexibility when caring for her two little boys.

She has always struggled with her marketing and relied on great word of mouth to grow her business. She got through the recession and COVID, but now she’s lost.

The demands of children, the house and clients consume her time and technology has completely abandoned her.

How to compete with the smart social campaigns of its competitors?

While her competitors create clever graphics and videos that are part of successful marketing campaigns, Sandy’s sporadic posts on Facebook and Twitter are a weak shotgun.

It does not track its activity or generate metrics. Her Google advertising campaign was bleak. She has spent thousands of dollars and does not know how to handle it. Her monthly MailChimp blast is now a tired quarterly.

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Many of us do not attach enough importance to social networks

We do not think that our clients are on social networks. Even though it may have been a year or so ago, we can no longer assume that. Put it on COVID. Millions of people who had too much time spent idle hours exploring social channels.

Do any Google search and you’ll see that most of the results on search engine results pages (SERPs) are paid / sponsored results – not organic results.

The truth is that it is almost impossible to evaluate only organic SEO. We can do everything right – generate and publish a lot of great content and do extensive keyword research – but that’s not enough.

Being on social media – and doing online advertising – has become an essential part of every marketing plan.

The biggest problem: missing strategies

Without a strategy, we just publish and hope for good results. It starts with the basics. Identify your audience. I know. You think you know your audience. But take some time to really think about your audience.

Build a persona. Age, interests, family, how they spend their free time and money and where they spend their holidays. What they eat and what they read. If you’re doing Google or Facebook ads, you’ll need this information when creating fields.

Monitoring results is critical

It’s great about online marketing campaigns that we can test and fix them on the fly. You probably won’t get great results from your first campaign or post, but you’ll generate valuable data.

Here you can change your keywords or audience preferences. Best of all, platforms provide the means to track and correct performance through their metrics.

A common key performance indicator (KPI) in social media marketing strategies is building more engagement and responding to comments and questions is essential. Let people know you’re engaged.

Is it time to take advantage of technology, include social media campaigns and pay per click to help grow your business? Contact Top of Mind Marketing to help you grow your business, 510-292-1843 or jpeischel@top-mindmarketing.com.

Contact Janet at 510-292-1843 or jpeischel@top-mindmarketing.com.


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