"It doesn't seem real" A woman in tears as her boss gives her £ 39,000 to "make life a little easier"

“It doesn’t seem real” A woman in tears as her boss gives her £ 39,000 to “make life a little easier”

Viewers of Undercover Boss USA on Channel 4 saw Amber, the former basketball team president, who works on the stadium’s interactive team reward her for being so positive and uplifting at work, despite the personal challenges she faced. Undercover Boss USA shows the way bosses go in disguise as their own employees to see where their company excels and where it needs improvement.

Mr. Miller admired how hardworking Amber was and how energetic she was with the fans.

Amber explained to her boss in secret that she had a four-year-old brother who had Down Syndrome, and added that she would “light up” her world.

However, because of his work, he does not live near his family house, so he does not see him.

Her parents divorced when she was 15 and felt like she was taking it upon herself to try to keep her family together.

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She has another brother, whom she was very close to, but he had a car accident and fell into a coma for two weeks.

She said in tears, “When he returned, he lost his personality a bit.

“It was difficult for me because we were really close. In fact, he was never the same. He’s definitely a different person. He is 21 imprisoned in 14-year-old thinking.

“My mom still pays the medical bills and that happened seven years ago.”


“I just don’t want to take life for granted.” I don’t see challenges as a problem in my life. I take it as it is and go with what you have.

“You can deal with it and be upset and upset about it and miserable your whole life, or you can take it on your own, learn from it and move on.”

Mr. Miller was touched by Amber’s inspirational words, and he was moved by her perseverance and never allowed her situation to leave her positive spirit.

After the secret boss revealed, Mr. Miller knew he wanted to give his employee a great opportunity.

He said: “You mentioned that your family had some health problems and I would like to help you with that.

“I’d like to give you $ 30,000 (about £ 23,800) to help you pay your medical bills.”

“It’s like a joke, it relieves my mom.” That’s amazing, “Amber replied.

Mr. Miller continued, “Amber, there’s one more thing I’d like to do for you.

“I’d like to give you $ 20,000 (about £ 15,800) to make your life a little easier.

“Thank you for being such a great employee.”

Amber said in tears, “I feel so overwhelmed that it just doesn’t look real. My mom’s going crazy.

“Thank you. This experience taught me to believe in humanity, there really are good people.”

Undercover Boss USA is available on All 4.

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