iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: After three months, we FINALLY chose our FAVORITES!

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: After three months, we FINALLY chose our FAVORITES!

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: We used them, we put them under stress and now we choose our favorites from these two.

iPhone 13 Pro Max OR Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? We have been bombarded with this question since Samsung dropped its flagship Ultra on us. If you want to buy the best phone in the world and you are not short of money, these two will become a clear choice. On the one hand, you have a shiny iPhone 13 Pro Max, which, despite its age, continues to impress. And then there’s the Samsung S22 Ultra, which surpasses the iPhone with its cameras, straightforward specifications and stellar design. Frankly, it’s too difficult for us to choose between the two – it’s like choosing between your children!

But we, like you, face the dilemma of choosing our favorite, so we decided to pay the same attention to them. For the past three months, I have driven the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra daily, alternately, but with the same love and attention. These phones experienced the terrible heat waves of the summer, took a lot of photos, helped with writing stories, signed up for video calls and much more. Simply put, I exhausted these ultra flagships to choose our winner. And the results are surprising this time.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Let’s make a comparison a little different.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: What’s playing in its favor?

-First of all, the size and dimensions. Despite the huge 6.8-inch display, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is handy (two hands, of course) and, thanks to its clever software design, can be operated with one hand on the go.

-His cameras are amazing! Yes, the 10x optical zoom is great, but this time Samsung hung it up in color tuning. Galaxy S22 Ultra constantly returned the most natural photos in different lighting conditions. I also still love “Moon Mode,” which allows me to take incredible pictures of the Moon most nights. This is my best choice for mobile photography at the moment.

-Samsung knows we love the brightest and most impressive displays on our phones, and with the S22 Ultra we have the same. Thanks to QuadHD + resolution, things are crystal clear and the refresh rate of 120 Hz keeps everything smooth. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is also reliable in all directions, unlike the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

-The battery life was great for me, it easily lasts me a day and a half most days. This is almost at the same level as the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Note that I use this phone as my main phone and easily record 6-7 hours of time spent on the screen daily.

-I’m not the S Pen man, but having him is always helpful. Signing or accurately selecting text from the web is much easier.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Where is it good?

-Eagerness! iOS is much more zealous than Samsung’s OneUI in performing everyday tasks. Fast swipe this way, click this way and the iPhone 13 Pro Max does things while the S22 Ultra is still going through the process. Even the camera opens quickly and the shutter speed is instant! If you love speed, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is for you.

-Battery life is the best! The Galaxy S22 Ultra is almost equal to the iPhone 13 Pro Max for a few days, but if Apple doesn’t mess with the iOS update, the iPhone can handle a day and a half, leaving 10 percent on emergency power – all for days.

-In daylight, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is simply the best. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra prefers things to be natural and highlight the colors the next time, the iPhone’s cameras remain consistent. On a trip to Udaipur, I approached the natural color tones, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra often wanted to give me pictures ready for Instagram. Video recording is unrivaled on the iPhone and constantly returns high quality 4K video with great colors and other parameters.

-Stereo speaker output is unbeatable! No other phone can match the tuning of the iPhone’s speakers, especially its fine balance of bass, bass and treble. The Xiaomi 12 Pro is approaching, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra speakers sound tinned.

-The advantage of the Apple ecosystem only enhances the experience! I work with Mac and iPad and the iPhone just fits there perfectly.

-Software support is the best in the industry! Building on Apple’s past, the iPhone 13 Pro Max could continue to receive software support for at least another six years. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will receive only four years of OS updates and five years of security support.

Areas where both need improvement

-Charging times! Charging the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra takes forever. Brands like Oppo and Xiaomi offer lightning-fast charging for literally half the price.

– iPhone likes to cast a yellow tint on your photos when the light level drops. And they both suffer from lens flare.

-Both phones are huge in size.


Let me reiterate that these are two of the best smartphones you can buy all over the world. Whatever you choose, you will spend the gala evening with them. Each has its pros and cons, and you have to be really picky about finding mistakes.

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This means that if we have a choice today, it must be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Not only does it look luxurious, it has a much better-tuned camera system, a great display, good battery life, a reliable and feature-rich Android experience and the S Pen stylus – all at a price much lower than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. . Until we see the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the cake today takes the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

This means that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is another word for reliability and consistency. It’s still the king of batteries and the iOS experience is super polished! Even cameras, in good light, impress with their quality. If you don’t want to stay with Android, check out the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


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