In the news: There are many private grants from $ 10,000 available to small businesses this week

In the news: There are many private grants from $ 10,000 available to small businesses this week

This week offers a number of grants from leading brands. From Wells Fargo to eBay, UPS and Indeed, along with public local, state and federal organizations, the funds needed in this poor economic climate are now available. These grants address a number of issues facing small businesses, including recruitment, business operations, business renewal, expansion and more. Find out what’s available for your small business this week.

Wells Fargo invests $ 250,000 in microgrants of up to $ 10,000 for small businesses. Additional grants from public organizations also offer a range of grants ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 across the country. Find out where these grants are available.

$ 10,000 grants will be awarded to small businesses along with managed online educational content across the United States. The aim of the grant is to help business owners with their operations and provide resources for expansion and growth.

With a $ 50 million fund, Indeed is working to help small businesses recruit. This is especially important now because recruitment is a big issue. This is Indeed’s nationwide effort to help small businesses.

As part of the Asia-Pacific and Pacific Islands Heritage Month, UPS is awarding grants to small business owners in the community. The $ 150,000 grant will be administered by the Asia-American and Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Business (ACE).

Summary of Small Business News – May 13, 2022

The SBA has announced the Small Business Person of the Year award

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the winners of this year’s Small Business Person of the Year to end the encouraging National Small Business Week.

EIDL Loans for Small Businesses and Nonprofits Seeking Help as a result of Hurricane Ida is approaching

Small business owners in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania can apply for a Hurricane Ida-related Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster relief by June 6. Hurricane Ida struck the northeast coast for three days, September 1-3, 2021. The application deadline is June 6.

Small increase in small business credit approval rates

The rate of loan approval continues to rise slowly, but according to Biz2Credit CEO Rohit Arora, it is “still not nearing the highs before the pandemic.” Biz2Credit is an online lending platform and reports monthly on loan approval rates. The report is based on loan applications from 1,000 small business owners. The report includes loan approval rates by April 2022.

Small Biz in: 15 – Mike Blumenthal on how to respond to negative reviews

Most small business owners know about online reviews. They let you know what your customers like about your products and services and what they don’t.

The most popular and best-selling NFT collection this week

This week was very bad for the NFT, as sales fell by more than 90%. However, Otherdeed for Otherside generated more than $ 380 million in revenue in the week. So there are ups and downs, just like other markets. The key is to be well informed before you make a purchase, and also to be aware of the speculative nature of the NFT as a roofing investment tool.

Shopify says its traders have created nearly 5 million jobs

Shopify, Canada’s global eCommerce company, says its merchants contributed 5 million jobs and $ 444 billion to global economic activity in 2021. This is an increase of 45% compared to 2020. Shopify merchants sold $ 25 billion worth of goods and services outside their home country. Small businesses accounted for $ 11 billion out of $ 25 billion.

Why you need TikTok in your small business

When people ask where they can find me on social media, I say everywhere except TikTok. “But now I realize that so many small business owners use videos on TikTok (and you don’t have to know how to dance!) In their marketing strategy. as a social media platform it is nothing short of amazing.

Finally! Apple offers customers self-service repair kits to repair broken iPhones

Great news for Apple customers, as the company recently announced that a self-service repair is now available that includes repair manuals and genuine Apple parts and tools that can be purchased through the Apple Self Service Repair Store.

Details of the National Women’s Business Council webinar Statistics on female business owners and the resources available to them

According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, 1.2 million women owned businesses in 2019. But with a total of 5.7 million business owners in the United States in 2019, female-owned businesses accounted for 20.9% of the pie, according to Adji Fatou Diagne, a research economist at the U.S. Census Bureau. About 3/4 of these women business owners were white women.

QuickBooks announces new premium integrations

Intuit QuickBooks recently announced the introduction of two new premium integrations for QuickBooks Online Advanced. QuickBooks Announces New Premium Integrations The first integration is Spreadsheet Sync, which enables two-way synchronization with Excel and helps customers streamline their reporting processes.

Inflation also has an impact on vehicle insurance prices

Inflation has recently taken a toll on many aspects of life in the United States, with large car insurance companies now also calling for rate increases this year. Inflation, which has an impact on car insurance prices, also has increased car premiums from 5% to 15%, an increase of $ 16.55 per year or $ 138 per month.

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