"I want him to stay, but he feels it's the end of the cycle" - Tuchel opens the future of the Azpilicueta in Chelsea |  Goal.com

“I want him to stay, but he feels it’s the end of the cycle” – Tuchel opens the future of the Azpilicueta in Chelsea | Goal.com

Thomas Tuchel spoke transparently about the future of his Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta, who is Barcelona’s transfer destination.

The Spanish giants are willing to offer the 32-year-old a two-year contract with an option for another season.

The clause in his contract meant that the defender’s contract with Chelsea was extended after a certain number of matches, but the club continued a dialogue about his release after 10 years of service.

What did Tuchel say about Azpilicueta?

“We had a lot of these conversations because it was very honest, like after the World Cup he won everything, then suddenly given his personal situation I understand these ideas that maybe the cycle is over,” Tuchel told reporters in Cobham. .

“Then it’s a change of ownership and he only played under that owner, in this structure, so it might have increased his thinking about his situation.

“Then at the same time his extension kicked and he loves the club, he loves challenges, he loves to be here and he is our captain.

“So we’re still in dialogue and at some point we’re also selfish, we’re not responsible for solving another club’s problems or fulfilling another club’s wishes.”

“Given that we are already losing key defenders, it is not an ideal scenario to consider losing Azpi, even though I understand his personal opinion.

“At some point, if you’re a legend, which he is, you may also deserve it from me and the club, a second look at it is a possible exception to the rule and we’re still in the process.

“If he can’t get rid of that feeling, if we have to talk about it openly, seriously and respectfully, because he deserves it – we’ll see if he can give anything that makes him special.”

“With all due respect, I think he can only be exceptional if he does it 100% and doesn’t have a single small voice in his head, not a single fear that he should have done anything else. He’s just the guy he is, only if he is fully devoted, because that is his basis.

“That’s what we have to find out. That doesn’t mean we’ll find out tomorrow or today, we still have time, because we’re also in a privileged position when we have a contract. We have to look.”

He adds that he still hopes to convince him to stay: “I hope so, he knows, he knows. We are still in negotiations to find the ideal solution.”

Why does Chelsea want to keep Azpilicueta?

The Spanish national team player is considered a club legend and is the only player to have won all the big trophies available.

In addition, the Blues lag behind the transfer planning with a takeover that lasts almost three months.

In addition, they are ready to lose Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen to Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​whom Chelsea hopes to sail with Azpilicueta rather than without him.

“We have an idea [of our targets]but unfortunately the boys do not know that we have an idea and neither do the clubs, “he added. We have ideas, but we also need to find out what the ideas of the new owners are.

“Normally during this season you contact the players, you are out, you get the feeling, you read, you have a discussion, you have a dialogue, you have feedback, you know who is devoted, you find your goals or sign your players, or from there you go to the next step.

“Because we’ve taken a step and now we’re here. We had a kernel in the back three and we even have a problem with Thiage.”

“It’s not Benjamin Button. It seems so, but it’s not. In fact, it’s getting old. Maybe it would be enough to find a natural substitute for this kind of position and keep everyone else.”

“Suddenly we lose two, three, three and a half players in the back and that’s actually disturbing. It’s a huge, huge challenge, considering you can’t act.”

“Everyone else has been driving since the beginning and you still don’t find the right speed to start at full speed. Here we are. It’s a long race, yet it’s a long race, but we’re not giving up.” but it makes it a little more complicated.

“That’s the way it is. We’re trying our best to make up for the disadvantage, but a few things need to be resolved.”

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