"I slept with milk and bread.  But I didn't tell my mother: The RR bowler gets upset when he remembers the match

“I slept with milk and bread. But I didn’t tell my mother: The RR bowler gets upset when he remembers the match

The Rajasthan Royals proved to be one of the strong contenders for the Indian Premier League title in 2022 with impressive season results. The team is currently third with 14 points in the bag in 11 matches and could consolidate its best 4 chances with another victory. While their editorialist Jos Buttler leads the scoring charts with an incredible 625 runs in twelve innings, Yuzvendra Chahal is collectively the highest among the goals (23 goals in 12 matches). Observe IPL 2022 coverage

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The RR bowling attack has a number of star players in Trent Boult, Prasidh Krishna, Ravichandran Ashwin and Chahal himself. The presence of stellar international pitchers allows Indian players without a cap to enrich the educational experience, and 29-year-old Anunay Singh is one of them. The pitcher was selected by RR in the previous season’s mega auction for his base price (INR 20,000).

While Anunay, who represents Bihar in domestic cricket, has not yet appeared in the current season, he will try to gain some insights from his first IPL franchise season. In a video for the Royals, Anunay opened his early life and also remembered his hard days trying to make ends meet.

“I’m from a middle-class family.” Only my dad made money at home. Sometimes I thought of working part time. McDonald’s or somewhere, I would earn 7-8k if nothing. But then I thought that if I worked, my practice would be limited. And cricket is expensive – it was and still is, “Anunay said in the video.

“I didn’t talk about it at home.” My seniors often gave me shoes. So I spent a lot of nights where I slept with only milk or milk and bread. When I say I didn’t eat before bed, no mother will be able to sleep, “Anunay said, indignant.

The pitcher also revealed that he had been rejected in court on several occasions.

“There were a lot of ups and downs.” Sometimes you know in advance that you will be rejected. I tried MRF and Redbull and I was rejected several times. I suffered an injury and my back often hurt, “said Anunay.


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