"I didn't invite Virat Kohli" - Rashid Latif clarifies comments that will bring the Indian star to the PoK cricket league

“I didn’t invite Virat Kohli” – Rashid Latif clarifies comments that will bring the Indian star to the PoK cricket league

The day after media reports that former Pakistani representative Rashid Latif expressed interest in inviting world cricket icon Virat Kohli to the cricket league – to be held in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir – the former stumper made it clear that he had not made the comments and it was in fact his boss, Arif Malik, who initiated the conversation.

Latif said on Youtube: “Yeh meine baat nahi ki, Virat Kohli wali baat. Hamare jo boss hai, Arif Malik saab, ne kal ek show men yeh baat ki. Ki invite karenge woh Virat Kohli; ko aur waha pe kdo aaye na aaye unki marzi hai, lekin initate [initiative] unhone liya hai, unki soch hai woh. Lekin yeh mere quote nahi hai (I didn’t comment on Virat Kohli. My boss Arif Malik did it on yesterday’s show that he would like to invite Kohli to the tournament. Whether he comes or not, it’s up to him, but it was Malik’s initiative, his thinking; and I had nothing to do with it.) “The 53-year-old, who was recently appointed chief operating officer of the league in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, said.



Tournament President Malik said earlier: “We should send an invitation to Viratu Kohli, but the decision to play is up to the player,” Latif said in a statement with Dawn News. “I also advised [Najam] Sethi to send invitations to all cricket boards, including the BCCI for PSL.

We have a clear message across borders. We want to do everything in peace, and with that in mind we are writing a letter to Virat Kohli. He is one of the great players and now players like Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi are in the ICC rankings. When we talk about peace, all boys should be on the same page, “Malik said on Facebook.

“It simply came to our notice then [Mohammad] Rizwan gave a very positive message that cricket should be over. That is why we are writing a letter from Virat Kohli. He can either come play or at least attend one or two matches. It is up to him whether he wants to be part of the tournament as a player or as the main guest. We want to unite the people of both sides so that we can spread the message of peace. “

The tournament begins on August 1, while the final is played on August 14.

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