Howe issued a harsh verdict on the claim that Mourinho was coming to Newcastle

Howe issued a harsh verdict on the claim that Mourinho was coming to Newcastle

Roman coach Jose Mourinho was considered the next manager of Newcastle United, although Eddie Howe did an amazing job rescuing the Geordies from the descent. Mourinho has always praised Newcastle because he worked alongside former boss Sir Bobby Robson.

Eddie Howe is welcomed by Jose Mourinho

Eddie Howe told Jose Mourinh that he planned to become the head of Newcastle this summer.

The Roma chief was tipped off as head coach at St James’ Park this week, with the influential Spanish daily Marca saying he could be tasked with leading the club into their “next era”. The future of Villarreal coach Unai Emery is also said to be the subject of debate and a possible return to the Premier League. Emery was offered Toon’s job before he turned it down before Howe got it in November.

But Howe, who is in the position of manager of the season for turning Newcastle from a favorite to a relegation to the winning machine, refused the connection and insists that he plans on a long-term Tyneside.

This includes leading the club to the top in a 5-8 year project – despite the fact that it does NOT have large transfer funds available this summer.

Mourinho always spoke romantically about Newcastle because of his long association with Sir Bobby Robson. Asked about Mourinh, Howe said: “People will be connected to this job. I do not have a problem with it. People are talking. All I can do when I’m here is do my best every day. “When Mourinho was asked if he could land, he laughed,” Well, I hope not! “

Former manager of Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United Jose Mourinho.


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Howe is safe after 11 wins in 17 games since mid-January, during which they spent £ 94 million on five players and began to “create a culture” that maximizes everyone’s talents. Newcastle’s description of the “richest club in the world” is inaccurate and summer spending will not match the January. Howe explained, “It’s bad for people who think it’s a huge amount of money.

“Vision is a long-term vision. It’s not the next two or three years, but I believe the next five to eight years. Not overnight, no. There must be realistic expectations about what we can spend. Our current income as a football club is not as large as we would like it to be in the future, so it affects our ability to spend.

Eddie Howe wants to boss Newcastle for years


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“It doesn’t mean we can’t improve the team, but it will have to be bit by bit, it can’t be a thing overnight, and it’s because we need to expand revenue streams. I’ve always thought you have to be creative and not moan or whining about what you’ve been given, I’ve always thought to get the best out of what we have and find a way to be successful.

“It’s hard for me to speak for them on behalf of someone else, but I think there are great ambitions, but those ambitions are in the future. And I think that where borders sometimes seem a bit blurred, when they want to succeed. ” and to make it right away. And of course we do it as fast as we can. “

Newcastle will begin talks with Matt Targett that his stay will be permanent in a £ 15 million deal. Howe added, “I drive Newcastle United and it’s an incredible experience.”

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