How to get a new government contribution to the energy bill of £ 650

How to get a new government contribution to the energy bill of £ 650

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a new £ 15 billion support package to help the country overcome the cost-of-living crisis.

Among them is a one-off payment of £ 650 for eight million families on benefits to ease the pressure on rising energy bills.

From July, this amount will apply to people with universal credit, tax credit, retirement credit and older benefits.

Eligible persons will not have to apply, but will receive two direct payments – the first in July and the second in the autumn – from the Ministry of Labor and Pensions directly to their bank accounts.

One-off payments of GBP 300 for pensioners and GBP 150 for people receiving invalidity benefits were also announced.

“We need to make sure that those for whom the fight is too hard and for those for whom the risks are too great will be supported,” Sunak told the House of Commons as he unveiled a new support package.

The chancellor has promised to provide support to those across the country by revising his previous £ 200 energy loan, which he announced in March.

It has now doubled to £ 400 and households will no longer have to pay their money.

Cost of living: how to get help

The cost-of-living crisis has hit every corner of the UK, bringing families to the brink of rising food and fuel prices.

The Independent asked experts explain in small ways You can stretch your money, including debt management and getting items for free.

  • If you need access to a food bank, find the website of the local counciland then use the local authority’s website to find the nearest center.
  • Trussell Trustwhich operates many food banks, has a similar tool.
  • Civic Council provides free assistance to people in need. The organization can help you find grants or benefits or advise on rent, debt and budget.
  • If you experience feelings of distress and isolation or are trying to cope, Samaritans offers support; you can talk to someone toll free by phone, confidentially, at 116 123 (UK and ROI), by email at or visit the Samaritans website for details on your nearest branch.

“We fulfill our responsibility to provide the greatest possible assistance to those on the lowest incomes. I believe that it is fair and I am sure that the House will agree, “he told the deputies.

“But there are many families who do not normally need state support, but also face difficult times. Is it fair to leave them without support? The answer must be no.

“Although it is impossible for the government to solve every problem, we can and will ease the burden by helping the whole country overcome the worst crisis.”

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