How to fix "LG IMS has stopped" error on T-Mobile

How to fix “LG IMS has stopped” error on T-Mobile

LG phone lovers received less than great news last year: After nearly six consecutive years and $ 4.5 billion in losses due to software and hardware issues, the South Korean company announced it would withdraw from the mobile phone competition and leave. the rest to its biggest rivals, Apple and Samsung.

At the time, LG said its existing customers could still count on service support and software updates “for a period of time, depending on the region.”

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But those with the LG phone who happen to have T-Mobile have encountered some recent problems as users on Reddit have reported receiving a “LG IMS has stopped” message, which persists even though it has been rejected many times. The error only takes a few seconds for the message to reappear, so the various LG phones on the T-Mobile network are virtually useless, and users’ attempts to find a fix by restarting or resetting the device are still unsuccessful.

What does the “LG IMS has stopped” message displayed on LG devices mean?

Message on LG phones refers to the IMS framework, which routes phone calls and SMS messages over data networks – which basically allows users to make calls and send text messages over LTE and 5G. Because only LG owners who rely on T-Mobile encounter the error, it seems that IMS services are incorrectly implemented in this operator’s network.

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