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Guyana: The excitement of the 2022 Cricket Carnival begins next week Loop Caribbean News

The 2022 Cricket Carnival in Guyana may be the most anticipated event of the year in the Caribbean events calendar.

These two weeks of activities are scheduled for September, but the excitement begins next week with five days of six events organized to set the pace for what comes later this year.

Cricket Carnival is the product of a collaboration between the makers of Guyana Carnival (Hits and Jams Entertainment) and the Guyanese government, which has merged the carnival’s activities with the semi-finals and finals of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) to be held. took place in late September in Guyana.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Charles Ramson said on Wednesday morning that cooperation was necessary to highlight Guyana’s trajectory.

Guyana: Key stakeholders in the 2022 Cricket Carnival.

“I want everyone to understand that Guyana is a unique country. As we evolve, we are undergoing a transformation at this time and the country is beginning to transform, the pride and uniqueness of the people of Guyana must be shown to the world in a very sophisticated way.

This cooperation will create the new direction that the Guyanese government has set as part of the overall vision of where we are heading, creating this leading destination in the region for world-class action.

It was an important decision for us to secure the final and semi-finals of the CPL and combine it with Guyana Carnival to create this brand called Cricket Carnival, “Ramson said.

Hits & Jams Entertainment CEO Rawle Ferguson recalled that the vision to host a carnival in Guyana was an informal conversation between friends that grew into a spectacular global tourism product.

“Today is a very happy day. In fact, it started in the lower house between Kerwin and several of our friends, and we came up with the concept of a carnival. And our perspective at the time was to bring happiness and bring people together, to bring cultures.” together.

And until we met His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, we came to the economic benefits of the carnival and we took the cricket carnival and we wanted to fulfill it and share it with all of Guyana and the rest of the world, ”said Ferguson.

Hits & Jams Entertainment CEO Kerwin Bollers explained that the launch of Genesis x Utopia next week, May 25-29, is set to set the pace for the 2022 Cricket Carnival.

These events include a cooler beach party with Patrice Roberts, Stinging Nettles with Kes and the band, Baderation dancehall megaconcert with Shaneil Muir, Skeng, Yung Bredda, Toga Party, J’ouvert and Soca and Wine with local artists.

“Guyana is very excited about these activities and we want to start the excitement with a bang until September. We are happy to be able to hold live events again, not run off the bus or have a limited number of people at the event. In May we will be able to come out in full … and these activities will bring Guyana significant financial benefits, “said Bollers.

The Director of the Guyanese Tourism Authority, Kamrul Baksh, reiterated similar feelings and agreed that this was a significant boost to Guyana’s economy through the tourism industry.

“The concept and design of the cricket carnival will unite people and industry throughout the CARICOM region and in other countries. The concept is not exclusively for tourism, it is much broader, and this is something I think the government has done extremely well.”

We at the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade and the Guyanese Tourism Authority have a mandate to ensure that travel economies and every aspect of travel are well taken care of when travelers come here.

And one of the main parts of this is the activities that passengers can have and experience here when they are in Guyana. Next week is one such activity that they can engage in.

These are high-quality, high-octane, well-organized events. This is what we want Guyana to be known for. The events are the main draw cards that will attract people to this destination, “said Baksh.

Representatives of major sponsors such as DDL, Banks DIH, Church’s, Ansa McCal, GTT and Fireside Grill were present and made remarks at the opening, all of whom welcomed the support of the 2022 Cricket Carnival.

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