Greenlight launches high-speed internet in Clifton Park - The Daily Gazette

Greenlight launches high-speed internet in Clifton Park – The Daily Gazette

CLIFTON PARK – A high-speed internet provider introduced itself to the capital region on Thursday at the fire station, where it will have a base to serve thousands of customers.

Rochester-based Greenlight Networks has begun laying optical lines and expects to connect its first local customer in late summer or early fall. It starts in Clifton Park, but infrastructure will soon be installed in other cities to reach the capital’s 23,000 households.

He expects construction to cost $ 25 million and be completed by the end of 2023.

“We will be announcing some other communities in the area shortly,” said CEO Mark Murphy.

Greenlight currently serves about 80,000 customers in 20 communities in the Binghamton, Buffalo and Rochester areas. It has set up its main distribution website for the Albany capital region and hires 25 employees for the regional sales / service / administration office.

Clifton Park was chosen as a starting point because it was a good partner, Murphy said, with a receptive population and government that helped carry out the project.

“We’ve found it easier to work where people want to give the community a choice. Clifton Park is wholeheartedly one of those areas, “he said.

Vischer Ferry Fire District Station 2 on Grooms Road is a local hub of Greenlight, which has already installed its equipment there and in return will provide the fire district with a free service at its stations.

The rack is only about the size of a refrigerator – a slim apartment-sized refrigerator – but large enough to handle 8,000 to 9,000 customers. In an earlier era, telephone switchgear for so many households would fill a fire station, Murphy said.

In a press release, Saratoga County and city officials welcomed the company’s arrival in Clifton Park and highlighted the importance of high-speed Internet access in the modern economy.

Service plans will run from $ 50 per month for 500 megabits per second to $ 200 per month for 2 gigabits per second.

Greenlight says its competitors often cut prices and increase speed when entering the local market.

However, Murphy said Greenlight did not specifically try to duplicate other networks.

“We do not want to compete with existing fiber providers in the market,” he said. “We’ve been on this for almost 11 years.” We have found some very effective ways to build a network in the air and underground, so that we can continue to provide Internet services at an extremely affordable price. ”

Greenlight operates mainly in urban and suburban areas.

Urban areas offer a dense base of potential customers with fewer tracks of fiber needed for each address, while suburban areas usually offer easier and cheaper fiber installation. So the cost of installing the infrastructure can be very similar.

Rural areas are more expensive. Greenlight has not yet moved into the demographic, Murphy said, but he might consider a new federal grant program.

Once the fibers are built, they require minimal maintenance. A crashing car or a falling tree can rip out an overhead line, while a faulty excavator can break an underground line.

But the closest thing Greenlight had to the enemy in upstate New York was the destructive squirrels, Murphy said.

In contrast, it was a pleasure to work with the human inhabitants of Clifton Park.

“We were thrilled with the reception we received,” Murphy said. “We’re really excited to start.”

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