Grasp your iPhone with these handles

Grasp your iPhone with these handles

The best
iPhone grips

We have all had a heartbreaking experience with the fall of the rare iPhone. Using the phone holder may prevent this, especially if you take a lot of pictures. The phone holder can also relieve sore little fingers if you tend to form a “pink shelf” when using your iPhone. Some grips can also serve as a stand for watching videos or video chatting. Here are some of the best grips for your iPhone, no matter what model you own.

Popsockets Popgrip Slide Stretch Render cropped

PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch

A selection of employees

PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch, available in a wide range of colors and styles, is my favorite universal grip for almost everyone. Works with and without the case. Slide it up and down so it doesn’t get in the way if you want to charge your iPhone wirelessly or remove it completely. You can also use it as a phone stand.

Reusable adhesive Moft X 3 in 1 Phone holder card holder trimmed

Handle, wallet and stand:
Reusable glue MOFT X 3 in 1 phone holder and card holder

The reusable adhesive phone stand and MOFT X 3 in 1 card holder adheres to your bare iPhone or case and is available in several color variants. The practical handle unfolds into a stand that can be used horizontally or vertically and folds flat when not in use. He is also a cardholder. The glue can be removed up to 200 times.

$ 20 on Amazon

Clckr Phone Grip And Stand Render Cropped

CLCKR universal handle and stand

Like the CLCKR Grip Case we reviewed, the standalone grip and stand can be used for both. When not in use, it pops out flat and snaps into place so it doesn’t get in the way. CLCKR produces both 3M and MagSafe adhesives; Choose from many different designs.

  • $ 15 on Amazon (glue)

  • $ 27 on Amazon (MagSafe)

Velvet caviar ring holder for mobile phone Grip Leopard Render Cropped

Lots of options:
Velvet caviar ring for mobile phone

This ring grip has a strong glue, so it sticks to your iPhone or the case of your choice. It comes in a wide variety of fun and trendy shapes and designs. You can even match it to your Velvet Caviar case like I did if you want.

  • From $ 10 on Amazon

  • $ 12 for Velvet Caviar

Selfie stick Adonit V-Grip Stand

Grip and selfie stick:
Adonit V-Grip

This practical accessory for iPhoneo enthusiasts is a handle, a horizontal / vertical stand and a selfie stick in one. The Adonit V-Grip we reviewed and loved even has a 1/4 inch standard screw, so you can attach it to any tripod, which I found particularly useful.

$ 31 on Amazon

Popsocket Magsafe Hover

MagSafe option:
PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe

If you have an iPhone 12 or later, you can use MagSafe magnets and use PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe, which we have tested and adored. As long as you’re holster-free or you’re using a MagSafe-compatible holster, this PopGrip provides a secure phone grip and a handy phone stand, plus it comes in many fun designs. I love being able to turn it on and off as needed, rather than committing to a lasting grasp.

Loopy Pearl Iridescent Iphone 11 Pro Max

Built into the case:
Loopy Case

Influenza darling, the Loopy Case, which we checked in practice, is super cute and has a built-in loop for easy carrying. I even held my iPhone by the loop with one finger when I had my hands full otherwise. Choose from a variety of designs and in addition you can purchase additional loops that you can combine.

$ 39 at Loopy Cases

Syncwire ring holder for mobile phone Car holder holder Render cropping

Works with car holder:
Ring stand for Syncwire mobile phone

This practical handle and stand adheres to the back of your iPhone or case and attaches perfectly to your favorite magnetic car holder. It is not a MagSafe ring nor is it compatible with MagSafe car holders, so it’s a great choice for people with earlier iPhone models.

$ 9 on Amazon

Jsoerpay Ring Holder for Cell Phone Grip Render Cropped

Advantageous four-pack:
Ring holder for Jseorpay mobile phone

Do you need grips for the whole family? You won’t make a mistake with this cost-effective four-pack, which is available in several color combinations. Due to the fact that the ring has a flat edge, it also forms a solid stand for the phone. The adhesive part is clear, so you can still see your iPhone (or case) under it.

$ 9 on Amazon

Popsockets Popgrip Baby Yoda

PopSockets PopGrip

I would be lazy if I didn’t put the original PopSockets PopGrip on this list. It’s the one that started the madness and now comes in so many fun patterns and designs, and you can even design your own. It’s a commitment because it sticks directly to your iPhone or case, but as with all PopSockets, the color drive on the top can be easily replaced with a different look.

Saw folding handle and stand to render the phone cropped

Pela: Folding handle and stand for phones and tablets

This lightweight, flexible silicone grip is thin enough to allow wireless charging when not in use. When you extend it so that you can use it as a handle, it is strong enough that you can also use it as a stand. If you no longer want to use it, send it back to Pela for recycling.

$ 15 on Amazon

Ring holder for mobile phone Lugei Kickstand Render Trimmed

Stand up:
Foldable and adjustable ring holder for A-LuGei mobile phone

This luxurious ring handle securely attaches to the back of your iPhone or case. You can lay it out in a stand that keeps your iPhone horizontally or vertically high, away from your desk, so you can use the charging cable at the same time. It is also magnetic, so it works with magnetic car holders.

$ 8 on Amazon

Which of the best iPhone grips should you buy?

I’m a big fan of PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch because you can use it with virtually any smartphone. When used as a grip or horizontal stand, you can place it higher on the phone. Slide it down to use it as a vertical stand, or slide it off for wireless charging. Or simply take it off if you don’t want to use it at the moment. Note that it is just a little too big to use with the iPhone 12/13 mini, unless you may be using a very bulky case. If you have a mini iPhone, I would suggest one of the many other styles of PopGrip from PopSockets. On all PopSockets PopGrips, I like the fact that the color disc is interchangeable, so you can combine them. In addition, inserting and removing PopGrips is convenient when you need to do something with your hands.

If you prefer something flatter, look at the phone stand and MOFT X Reusable Adhesive 3-in-1 card holder. It serves three purposes, as described in the title. Because it folds flat when not in use, it doesn’t make your iPhone much bigger. Unlike most adhesive handles, this one is removable and reusable. There is also a version of MagSafe, so if you have an iPhone 12 or later, you have this option as well. If you are looking for more wallet options for your MagSafe compatible iPhone, check out our overview of the best MagSafe wallets for iPhone.

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