Grace Scrivens excels, but the Sunrisers eventually sink against Storm

Grace Scrivens excels, but the Sunrisers eventually sink against Storm

Western storm 164 for 9 (Scrivens 4-33) beat Sunrise 160 for 5 (Scrivens 56) by one goal

Teenager Grace Scrivens’ bat and ball heroism proved fruitless, as the latest breathtaking brought Western Storm a dramatic victory in the Charlotte Edwards Cup in Chelmsford.

The 18-year-old played her first Sunrisers half a century ago 56 out of 42 balls, anchoring the total number of 160 for her side to five, the most since the start of the tournament last year.

Then Scrivens’s off-spin response seemed to destroy Storm when she fired Danielle Gibson and English captain Heather Knight in three deliveries and finished with four for 33.

Yet Storm’s pair of Alex Griffiths and debutante Sophia Smale – who needed three of the last ball – seized an incredible victory as the throw thrown over the head of desperate goalkeeper Scarlett Hughes and away to the fence.

The Sunrisers, who looked slow in their previous powerplay against the South East Stars, quickly launched a Storm attack after being deployed when Scrivens and Cordelia Griffith reached a partnership of 50 out of just 26 balls.

Scrivens hit Lauren Filer four consecutive frontiers, while Griffith’s sharp off-side discs brought her to 26 before falling victim to the Shambolla run-out for the second time in so many games.

This time Griffith stumbled at the end of the non-attacker as her partner drove towards the middle and called for the single, so he let her get stuck when the throw reached goalkeeper Natasha Wraith.

A cunning spell one in 22 by Knight, including a goal by Madada Villiers in 11, helped control the flow of the run, but Scrivens advanced into her half-century of 35 balls and found a capable ally in Jo Gardner (28 is out).

After Scrivens survived a groundbreaking chance from Griffiths (one in 25), he eventually fell after giving the same player a pitcher, but Kelly Castle (14) helped ensure that the Sunrisers published a competitive total.

Storm sent Knight to first place, but almost immediately lost two partners because Georgia Hennessy was caught by Naomi Dattani and Captain Sophie Luff lifted Scrivense right into the middle.

Abtaha Maqsood’s first ball brought the Sunrisers a third goal, with Fran Wilson stumbling after failing to pass a treadmill, but Danielle Gibson’s strong intervention with 27 of the 20 kept visitors in dispute.

She and Knight added 41 in five overs – only Scrivens dealt a double shot to Storm when Gibson scored a deep middle goal, before Knight, who tried to work the ball on the side of the foot, was thrown 27.

Fighting 27 Natasha Wraith of 16 threatened to lean the competition back in favor of Storm – but when she was stopped and danced along the track to Scrivens, it looked as if the Sunrisers were at home and dry.

However, 34 Katie George kept the competition alive and the Griffiths with an undefeated 25 of 13 won her from Scrivens’ last delivery.


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