Global Innovation Fund 2022 for Organizations worldwide (Up to $15 million in funding)

Global Innovation Fund 2022 for organizations worldwide (funding up to $ 15 million) – Opportunity Desk

Deadline: Scrolling Basis

The Global Innovation Fund 2022 is now open for applications. The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) is an investment tool with the first social impact that works with mission-oriented development agencies, philanthropists and other sponsors to seek and fund evidence-based innovation with the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world. the poorest people.

They play an important role alongside existing development aid by cleverly risking that public agencies cannot use a range of financial instruments to achieve our mission. They help guide entrepreneurs on their path to scale through a risky approach to financing, where more speculative ideas receive less support and increased funding follows successful testing and achievement of evidence points.

GIFs accept applications on an ongoing basis – their window is always open without deadlines or funding rounds.


The GIF has a step-by-step approach to funding, with the amount of funding available graduated according to the level of maturity of your innovation and the activities proposed. The three levels are:

  • Pilot – Innovation is at an early stage, but you have a credible plan for how it can be developed and tested in a real environment. Funding of up to $ 230,000 is available to test basic assumptions about operational, social and financial viability.
  • Test and transition – Innovation has already shown the promise of small-scale success and you have some information about your operational, social and financial viability that you want to consolidate before you start scaling. Funding of up to $ 2.3 million is available to support further growth and provide further evidence that innovation can achieve social impact and market viability for commercial innovation.
  • Scale – Innovation has a strong evidence base and a logistically credible scaling plan to reach millions of people. Up to $ 15 million is available to expand the reach of innovation to reach millions in the long run if successful.


  • Any type of organization can apply. These include social enterprises, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, international organizations and research institutions in any country.
  • It is recommended that individual innovators, entrepreneurs or researchers apply through an affiliate.
  • You can be based anywhere in the world, but innovation must target people living in developing countries for less than the equivalent of $ 5 per day (PPP).
  • They are particularly interested in innovation that affects people living on less than $ 2 a day (PPPs) or vulnerable groups such as women and girls, the disabled, minority or indigenous groups, refugees or displaced communities or other vulnerable groups.


Although they are open to applications in any sector in any developing country, we have precise criteria that we use to assess the suitability of your application. These are described on our website in the What We Fund section and summarized below

  1. Target market – They invest in innovation designed to benefit those who live on the equivalent of $ 5 a day, and we are particularly interested in funding innovative solutions that affect those who live on less than $ 2 a day, or other vulnerable or disadvantaged people. groups.
  2. Innovation and impact – Your approach must be a new approach that is not yet taken for granted, and you must be able to demonstrate how you think it can improve alternative solutions.
  3. evidence – They expect innovation to be based on evidence of what works. This evidence can focus on changes in the lives of your recipients or customers, or “how-to” evidence on how your solution can be successfully deployed or scaled.
  4. Scale – The GIF only funds innovations that have the potential to expand to the benefit of millions.
  5. Team – They are looking for innovations that are supported by teams that show a deep understanding of the problems they are solving and the context in which they work. Applicants should demonstrate the track record and skills needed to use the partnerships necessary to succeed and meet the challenges posed by scaling up innovation.


You can apply for GIF funding through a simple application form on the GIF website, but read the instructions carefully before deciding whether to invest time in preparing the application.

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For more information, visit Global Innovation Fund.

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