Former Icelander Dr Alex George explains the "incredibly difficult" decision to leave A&E

Former Icelander Dr Alex George explains the “incredibly difficult” decision to leave A&E

Dr Alex George revealed the reasons for his decision to leave A&E, saying his “purpose had changed”.

And the former Star of Love Island followed up with a video in which he set out his decision to change paths, saying “he had to give something.”

Addressing his reasons for leaving A&E, he told his Instagram supporters that he was trying to meet all his commitments and admitted that it was “not an easy decision”, but he felt that he was approaching burnout.

Dr. Alex, 31, is a passionate fighter for mental health after losing his own brother, Llŷr, in a suicide in July 2020.

“I love being an A&E doctor. It’s something I’ve trained all my life,” he said.

“But basically I got to the point where I burned out.”

Dr. Alex explained why he was leaving his career in medicine

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In February 2021, Dr. Alex appointed Ambassador of Youth Mental Health by the United Kingdom Government.

In a video announcing the role, he said: “A year ago, I accepted the role of Youth Mental Health Ambassador. I was headless with the campaign, volunteering, making sure I ran. [my] business.

“All the other things that happened. And I also worked at A&E.”

“To be honest, I’ve burned out – and I don’t think it’s very good for youth mental health envoys to afford to burn out and not take care of yourself if you’re promoting good health.”

Instagram followers shared their support for Dr. Alex, and one said, “You’re so amazing, I’m sure you’ll miss your hospital and colleagues so much! Good luck in your next business.”

And another said, “Promoting mental health is a real profession that I know well! Welcome to the club full time.”

Dr. Alex George pictured with his late brother Llyr

Dr. Alex also shared the exciting news that he had written a children’s book to help young people cope with their mental well-being and emotional health.

He said the book Better Day would be published on September 15, adding, “I can’t wait to read it!”

His younger brother, Llŷr, tragically took his own life when he was only 19 years old after struggling with mental health problems.

Dr. Alex recently unveiled a touching tattoo on his wrist to his brother. The tattoo is Llŷr’s name in Llŷr’s own manuscript, which was taken from one of his textbooks.

Dr. Alex revealed it on Instagram and wrote: He wrote: “Llŷr ‘God Of The Sea’. The most beautiful name, so much it means that it is written in his handwriting.

“We’ll never forget you, boy x.”

Dr. Alex George revealed his touching tribute to his brother Llyr after he took his own life

In February, Alex went to Instagram to write a moving report on his brother’s 21st birthday.

Alex wrote: “Llŷr has his 21st birthday today. I’ve talked a lot over the last year about how hard it was to lose him, but I’m sad that I didn’t talk more about the person he was.”

“Let me tell you a little bit about him. Llŷr was kind, sensitive, funny, he loved his cars and he was a great brother and son. He was an exceptionally smart and great athlete. We talked for hours about the latest cars and what our dream would be like. .

If this story hits you, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit


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