EXAM: World Rugby will replace the penalty shootouts with a new one-on-one match - Ruck

EXAM: World Rugby will replace the penalty shootouts with a new one-on-one match – Ruck

World Rugby is going to try a new way of deciding on the winner in draw matches, while the match is solved by a duel between the attacker and the defender.

World Rugby reportedly agreed to the test, saying that it may replace the penalty kicks on goal. This is how the draw for the Champions Cup and the World Cup are still decided.

The new format will work so that one attacking player from the first team receives the ball 30 meters from the opponent’s tryline and one defender from the second team stands on their 5-meter line.

If the attacker scores within the allowed 10 seconds, then the other team would have to equalize, otherwise the match would be lost.


“Negative effect” – Nigel Owens wants FIVE legal changes to support “expansion rugby”

The Welshman, who hung a whistle two years ago, came up with four possible changes to support expansive rugby.

# 1. Cancel the outage on the goal line

Owens wrote: “As for the breaks on the goal line, I was a big fan at first because I felt that it would prevent the attacking teams in the numerous throwers near the test line, while the teams instead tried to move the ball in width so as not to delay and lose them. property. But I’m not sure if it worked as planned. We still see a lot of selections until the teams overcome, we still see a lot of mauls and the number of collisions has not decreased.

“We also see less scrum at the goal line and to be honest, I’m not sure it’s a good thing.” Scrum must be an important part of the game and right now we don’t see its benefits. Rugby must continue to be a game for all shapes and sizes and also on all levels.

The attacking teams also kick longer, knowing that if the ball rolls dead, the defending team must fall off the goal line and can get the ball back. We also lost the shorts we saw on the 22-meter line, where the teams competed to get the ball back, or there would be a quick drop, because the teams now backing up on their goal line just kick the ball for a long time. escape and what will happen? The opposition is bringing it back.

“From the original belief that it will work, I would now like the law on falling at the goal line to be honest. If anything, it has a negative effect. “


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