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#EntertainmentTech 5 best gadgets for Batman that we’ve seen in the movies

One of the things that can’t be separated from Batman’s personality is undoubtedly his technology. In both comics and movies, Batman’s ability to invent devices that helped him fight crime and get him out of tense situations was always the mainstay of the character. and Comic Watch have listed the most amazing tools used by Caped Crusader, but here are our favorites from all the Batman gadgets.

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Batman is not Batman without his Batmobile. And that’s a fact.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 01: View of Batmobile from the world premiere of “The Batman” on March 01, 2022 in New York City.

Batmobil regularly appears next to the hero’s crusade in Gotham City. A muscular machine is typically portrayed as menacing and ready to fight. It is definitely one of the most terrifying parts of Batman’s equipment, which has a variety of offensive and defensive abilities.

Some of the more complicated batmobiles that appear on screen, such as Tim Burton’s 1989 monster, can make a complete 180-degree turn on the spot, drop bombs, fire discs, protect the car’s body with unbreakable armor, and drive at high speed. with jet engine.


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Batarang on display.

Batarangs are an essential part of Batman’s arsenal in every film about Batman. Batarangs are often used to stun an opponent quickly. In some embodiments of the character, Batarang returns to Batman as a boomerang.

Batarang is more like a bat-shaped ninja star in other versions, such as Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. Some Batarangs were interwoven with technology in “Batman Returns,” where Batman can be seen programming one Batarang to target three different people.

EMP pistols

Batman usually has to deal with bad guys or rapists who are also humans. Without his amazing abilities, he must assemble all the weapons he can to finally defeat the Dark Knight. Behold, an EMP weapon.

This device could deactivate most vehicles or weapons by simply pressing a switch or trigger. Using this gadget, Batman learned how to use EMP and shut down specific machines simply by aiming weapons and firing.

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Memory fabric

At Batman Begins, we see some pretty fascinating future equipment and facilities that were previously only available through military contracts, one of which is a memory cloth that allows Batman to use his mantle as a winged parachute to glide from one place to another.

This is undoubtedly one of the most creative and practical ways to demonstrate how a Batman mantle can serve multiple purposes while being realistic and stunning at the technological level.

Recording contact lens

This device, as the name suggests, records everything Batman sees so that he can later analyze every detail in Bat-Cave. The fantastic thing about this facility is that it makes perfect sense for Batman to use it to help him solve crimes after visiting the scene. For Batman, it is an extremely advanced and complex gadget that has a lot of practical applications for Batman in solving mysteries and fighting crime.

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