Elevate your coffee-making game with these must-have gadgets and accessories

Enhance your coffee making experience with these essential gadgets and accessories

Do you want to improve your coffee? From a sleek hand espresso to a thermometer kettle, these coffee gadgets enhance your phenomenon.

Every morning, you grind coffee beans by hand and heat the water for pouring. The results are amazing, but you want to split up and try other coffee brewing methods. We are here to help you with these essential coffee tools and accessories. It will improve your coffee and even save time.

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If you want to go beyond pouring, try manual espresso extraction with Flair 58. The electric preheating system heats up quickly and has 3 settings, creating a rich, smooth espresso.

And to take your pouring to the next level, get a stainless steel Soma kettle. Its gooseneck design will not saturate your land and the built-in thermometer will bring your water to the ideal temperature.

Be your own barista with these coffee gadgets and accessories.

1. The Smeg DCF02 coffee machine has a cozy design from the 1950s and an aroma intensity selector that allows you to adjust the brewing power.

Smeg DCF02 with coffee and treats

Some prefer intense cooking, while others go for a softer taste. Cook your favorite power with Smeg DCF02 coffee machine. It prepares up to 10 cups of coffee and the temperature maintenance function heats the coffee pot for up to 40 minutes.

The price of this coffee machine is TBA. See the list of dealers on the official website.

2. The KEURIG K-Duo Special Edition Single Serve & Carafe uses both K-Cup capsules and ground coffee, so you have more options.

KEURIG K-Duo coffee machine for one serving and carafe with coffee

While brewing coffee from the pods is convenient, they tend to occur. And in these cases, a coffee machine like the KEURIG K-Duo Special Edition Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker is a gift from heaven. It supports capsules and ground coffee, brews in several sizes and has a heating plate.

Get it for $ 196.49 on Amazon.

3. The Soma stainless steel kettle has a beautiful gooseneck shape and is not just for aesthetics; provides optimal pouring for a softer taste.

Soma stainless steel kettle on the worktop

For best spilling results, your parameters must be just right. The Soma stainless steel kettle facilitates their coordination thanks to the shape of the gooseneck, which enables controlled and even pouring. Then the thermometer will ensure that you have the right temperature. It’s one of our favorite essential gadgets and add-ons.

Get it for $ 70 on the official website.

4 KitchenAid Semi-automatic espresso machine creates espresso with a rich cream and the milk frother prepares luxuriously condensed milk.

A KitchenAid semi-automatic espresso machine is used

If you can’t stay all afternoon without an espresso or espresso-based drink, add a KitchenAid semi-automatic espresso machine to your coffee routine. Its 15-bar Italian pump delivers barista-style express and you can even adjust the texture of the frothed milk.

Get it for $ 399.99 on the official website.

5. The user-friendly Fellow Clara French Press coffee machine simplifies French press coffee. This way you can drink it every morning.

Colleague Clara French Press at breakfast

Yes, with the user-friendly Fellow Clara French Press, you can prepare French press in a hurry in the morning. Simply fill the sediment to the mark of coffee and hot water to the mark. Thanks to the mesh filter, you won’t have to worry about sludge getting into your cup.

Get it for $ 99 on the official website.

6. The KitchenAid Burr coffee grinder has 70 different grinding settings, which allows you to adjust the grinding texture according to a number of cooking methods.

KitchenAid Burr coffee grinder in the kitchen

Get the perfect grind for your cooking with the KitchenAid Burr coffee grinder. It provides 70 precise settings for anything from espresso to cold cooking. In addition, the automatic smart dosing technology adjusts the grinding time according to the required shots or cups, which makes it one of our most popular coffee machines and accessories in 2022.

Get it for $ 199.99 on the official website.

7 Coffee Grinder Weber Workshops Blind Shaker it practically cleans itself and reduces static electricity and ducts for better espresso.

Weber Workshops Blind Shaker in YouTube video

Say goodbye to dirty worktops and powder-coated grinders when you have the Weber Workshops Blind Shaker coffee grinder. It is designed to reduce static electricity, increase extraction yield and minimize channels. Best of all, the smooth interior prevents the soil from sticking.

Get it for $ 78 on the official website.

8. The Flair 58 manual espressor unlocks the full potential of home extractions thanks to its robust frame and lever. Plus, it looks pretty crafted.

Flair extraction espresso 58

Get more flavor from your homemade espresso with the Flair 58 hand-held espresso. Its brewing head has 3 heating settings, giving you preheating and thermal control with each shot.

Get it for $ 575 on the official website.

9. Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Maker provides less sour taste than hot coffee makers. In addition, it ensures freshness for up to 2 weeks.

Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Maker in video

Have homemade cold coffee on hand all summer with Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Maker. It simplifies the cooking process, while stainless steel and BPA-free silicone materials ensure long and safe use. It is one of our favorite coffee tools and accessories that you must have.

Get it for $ 35.99 on Amazon.

10. Fellow Monty Milk Art Cups have a double ceramic wall. Their minimalist style shows off your handmade espresso and latte art.

Fellow Monty Milk Art Cups in color variants

If you want to pair your new creations with mugs that deserve your effort, we recommend Fellow Monty Milk Art Cups. Their aerodynamic design is the ideal canvas for your latte art. Meanwhile, the inner curve of the base will give your cream a slight lift. How great is that?

Get it for $ 27.50 on Amazon.

Your new favorite place to have coffee is at home when you have these coffee gadgets and accessories that you must have. Do you already own any? Tell us about your experience!

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