Delete these apps from your phone now!  Google has denied them access to the Play Store due to the Joker threat

Delete these apps from your phone now! Google has denied them access to the Play Store due to the Joker threat

Google has banned 3 Android apps from the Google Play store to protect users from Joker malware attacks.

Google has banned three Android apps in the Google Play Store, and having them on your phone can be dangerous for you. The technology giant cleaned up its Play Store after finding that the three applications were able to install malicious Joker malware on the phones of innocent users. This infamous malware can steal money from Android users by subscribing to expensive subscription services without any prior information. These three malicious applications were found by Kaspersky. Igor Golovin, the author of the research, shared in one of the posts that the Joker will overcome Google’s security measures and malicious functions will not be activated until the application is launched on the Play Store marketplace.

Golovin wrote: “Trojans from the Trojan family.AndroidOS.Jocker can capture codes sent in text messages and circumvent anti-fraud solutions. They usually spread on Google Play, where fraudsters download legitimate applications from the store, add malicious code to them and reload them. Trojan-infected applications take another process and force users to pay for the subscription without making them suspected of any threat.There are three applications that can pose a threat.

• Message style (com.stylelacat.message around),

• Blood pressure measurement application ( and

• Camera PDF Scanner (com.jiao.hdcam.docscanner)

Google has removed these apps from the Play Store, but if you have already downloaded them to your phone, you must delete them from your device immediately.

This isn’t the first time Google has removed malicious apps from the Play Store. The technology giant has also previously removed several applications that have been found to be infected with malware.

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How to avoid malware

The only way to keep your device safe is to avoid installing applications from unofficial sources, which are the most common source of malware. When installing apps from Google Play, also read reviews, see the developers, terms of use and payment. Always select a well-known application with positive reviews for sending messages. You should also avoid granting too many permissions to any of the applications.

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