David Brailsford was recruited into Andrew Strauss’s review of English cricket

Andrew Strauss has recruited Sir David Brailsford, a former executive director of British cycling and current sports director of Ineos, to his high-performance evaluation of English cricket. Dan Ashworth, a former director of elite development at the Football Association, was also hired as Strauss sought to move English men’s teams to the top of the charts in all formats.

Strauss chairs the England and Wales Cricket Board’s performance cricket committee, which conducts research before making the proposed path to global dominance in time for the necessary restructuring of the domestic calendar to be voted on this year and implemented in 2023.

In addition to a number of characters in the game, the commission also got prominent personalities in other sports. Brailsford and Ashworth are prominent names and are joined by Kate Baker, UK Sport’s director, Penny Hughes, former chairman of Aston Martin, and Simon Timson, who, as he once did, led the UK Cricket Development Program, also had a leading UK Sport, Lawn Tennis Association and British Skeleton and is currently the Executive Director of Manchester City.

“We have never had a set of English men’s teams that are the best in the world across all formats at the same time, so whatever we did in the past did not get us where we wanted to go,” Strauss wrote on the ECB’s website and promised to ‘look out to see what we can learn from other sports, and we will be inquisitive about what works well elsewhere. ”

“Once we identify a set of high-performance principles, we take them along with independent analysis and data and develop a number of options for discussion with the wider game over the summer,” Strauss added. “I am very pleased to be in a position where solid proposals are put to the vote in September to give the counties and constituency of England time to prepare for the 2023 season and beyond.”

One thing the committee will not try to change is the international schedule, which the new English test captain Ben Stokes recently described as “ridiculous” and “something that definitely needs to be looked at”, arguing that it does not fall fully within the ECB’s remit. management.

Derbyshire, meanwhile, has signed 25-year-old Australian universal Hayden Kerr as a replacement for Sri Lankan seafarer Surang Lakmal, who is out of season due to an elbow injury. “Hayden meets our requirements,” said Mickey Arthur, Derbyshire’s head coach. “He’s a fast pitcher with his left arm who can jump even with death and he fires really hard.”

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