The on-board camera shows a Volkswagen driver's indicator signaling his intention to enter the left lane on Hume Highway

Dash cam Hume Highway prang between Volkswagen and Tarago divides the internet

The video from the on-board camera splits the internet when the driver unhappily tries to push into the lane – but who do you think was wrong?

  • A collision from an onboard camera on Hume Highway in Sydney provoked a disagreement
  • The golden Volkswagen was caught crossing two lanes to make it into the left lane
  • Tarago sped up to stop the Volkswagen, which had come forward when it touched the car

The Internet has raged about which driver is responsible for prang on one of Sydney’s busiest roads.

Opinions are divided into a video from the on-board camera, which captured the expensive attempt of a Volkswagen driver to push himself into the lane in front of the Tarago station wagon.

Footage taken on Hume Highway in Yagoon in south-west Sydney this week shows a golden VW crossing the two lanes in the far right lane, signaling their intention to join the left lane.

The approaching black station wagon in the left lane accelerates to stop VW from getting in front of them when both vehicles touch.

The on-board camera shows a Volkswagen driver’s indicator signaling his intention to enter the left lane on Hume Highway

The record attracted nearly 100,000 views in a matter of hours on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, with hundreds considering who caused the collision.


Which driver is wrong?

  • Golden Volkswagen 11 votes
  • Black station wagon Tarago 13 votes
  • Both drivers were to blame 3 votes

Many spectators believed that the VW driver was wrong.

“It would be common courtesy that if you intend to change two lanes at once, you should mark it first, then change the lane when it is safe, then turn off the turn signals and then count to three and reuse the signs, and when it’s safe to change lanes, “one man wrote.

Another added: “Just because someone has a pointer on doesn’t mean they have priority. It is their responsibility to safely engage / change lanes. In fact, the van didn’t even have time to avoid the accident. “

Others, however, argued that a collision would have been avoided if the station wagon driver had let VW in.

“The black car seemed determined to give it priority. Obviously, he deliberately sped up to achieve that. In his place, I would just slow down to avoid an accident. Now their damage to both cars, “wrote one of them.

He added: “This accident could have been prevented if the driver of the black vehicle did not have an ego the size of Alaska and decided to speed up.”

However, the black driver of the Tarago station wagon accelerates because both vehicles are tilted to the side

But many others believed that both drivers were as bad as the others.

“Isn’t there a road rule that you must take all possible measures to prevent a collision? Both drivers deserve a fine. There can be two mistakes!

Another joined; “Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. In fact, there is a good repairman just around the corner, “one wrote.

One viewer saw a funny page reciting the lyrics of the classic INXS song.

“You were there … Two worlds collided and they could never, ever separate us.”

Another, who noticed fast food outlets in the footage, joked, “Um … Did anyone say KFC?”

When changing lanes, drivers must give priority to vehicles in the lane they enter under NSW traffic laws.

“You have to indicate to let others know when you plan to join another lane. Make sure your indicator does not light up after merging or changing lanes, ”the laws state.

Online viewers were divided over whether the driver Tarago (left) or Volkswagen was to blame



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