Daily Crunch: CEO Terraform Labs Announces Strategies for Rebuilding Sliding UST Stablecoin - TechCrunch

Daily Crunch: CEO Terraform Labs Announces Strategies for Rebuilding Sliding UST Stablecoin – TechCrunch

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It’s Wednesday, May 11, aka the beginning of GooglePalooza, which the company insists on calling itself a much less entertaining “Google I / O 2022”. Our “GoogleCrunch” team has produced a lot of stories about Google’s hardware and software line, including the Pixel Watch, the Pixel 6A – Pixel 7 demo – and the new tablet. All details are in the Big Tech section below. – Christine and Haje

TechCrunch Top 3

  • “Stable” coins: Jacquelyn has all the details about the dramatic fall of Terra USD, the “stabilcoin” known as UST, and the plans of its founder to avoid the collapse of UST. Jacquie then gathered the thoughts of crypto market participants about what the collapse of the UST means for the wider crypt market and other stablecoins.
  • Cryptocurrency hits are still coming: Just kidding; Coinbase’s first quarter results not only sent stock prices down, but also informed us that the number of monthly users making transactions is expected to continue to decline. What does this mean for the cryptocurrency? Well, he may have to weather the storm for a while. To make matters worse, Coinbase revealed that after some pressure from the Reserve Bank of India, it had to stop trading in India.
  • Airbnb is planning a hot domestic summer: As Jordan today reports in two very pleasant stories – including questions and answers with Brian Chesky, who believes “a new era of travel is beginning” – the company is preparing its beach facilities for the summer with some new features, category search, the ability to book two offers at once for longer stays than a week and AirCover travel insurance for guests.

Startups and VC

Few things bother us as much as the sheer scope of Tiger Global – the company has struggled with that $ 17 billion at a loss. Connie states that it has burned most of its latest venture capital fund. Yuck.

As tech reporters, we love the rapid rise and occasionally watch the unplanned fall of the startups we cover. Natasha and Alex remind us in today’s episode of the Equity podcast that while the founders could not see the pandemic coming, they should have been better prepared for the world to return to what “normal” means. Or, as the saying goes: redundancies happen to people, not companies.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

  • To work remotely or not to work remotely? Deel is said to have just received a $ 12 billion award, backed by the teleworking revolution.
  • Well I will say: You know that change happens when Harri states that Carbon Clean is able to raise a $ 150 million round led by famous climate change activists Chevron?
  • Property and uniques: Property tech startup Habi says he has become the second unicorn in Colombia and the only Latamian unicorn with its founder and CEO, Mary Ann news.
  • you have to stumble: While startups like Lemonade have come to attack the weary world of insurance, the travel insurance market is receiving the same treatment from companies like Safetywing and Battleface – and now, Mike reports that Faye is entering the fight.
  • Three R’s education: reading, ritual and ritual: Educapital raises $ 160 million fund to focus on edtech and future work Romain news.
  • I want to lift the wheel, I want to lift the wheel: Berlin-based GetHenry, which provides last-mile electric bicycles to courier and logistics companies, has raised $ 17.4 million to expand its business across Europe. Rebecca news.
  • A little less cargo and a little more sparks: Traditional commercial vehicles are terrible for the environment. Xos, an electric vehicle company specializing in commercial vehicles, introduced two new vehicles tonight, Harri news.

Finding Your Startup Award: 5 Factors to Consider

Thanks for the pictures: avier Zayas Photography (opens in a new window) / Getty Images (image modified)

Angel investor Marjorie Radlo-Zandi in her latest column TC + addresses the question that every founder thinks these days: What is my current value?

For early-stage businesses, finding this number requires more art than science, as companies still collect data and fine-tune their products before they come out.

“Many traditional valuation methods, such as discounted cash flow, are not as useful for valuing start-ups at an early stage,” he writes. “This means that investors have to measure other factors that are not so easy to measure.”

(TechCrunch + is our membership program that helps founders and start-up teams move forward. You can sign up here.)

Big Tech Inc.

  • Everything Google I / O: Excuse us while we OH catch that I / O. Sorry, Michigan fans, it had to be done. At Google, where’s the hardware, software, and wallets, my goodness! Current news includes language additions to Translator, a multi-search feature that makes us think AR glasses could be Google’s virtual credit card in the future., and some customization features related to ads.
  • All things EV: Today we will disconnect a few things in the hope that we will give you a breath of news about electric vehicles. Jaclyn lists several predictions for Rivian’s first-quarter profit. There are a lot of things going on right now, but analysts expect to hear some news about the supply chain, the relationship between Ford and its Georgia plant. In the case of Canoo, it already warns that it may not have enough funds to bring its electric vehicles to market. In addition, the company sued one of its largest shareholders in connection with the sale of shares. While driving to Tesla, Jaclyn reflects some of Elon Musk’s comments about the carmaker’s demand (she may stop accepting orders to catch up) and other things he enjoys.
  • iPod, as we will miss you: The day began with RoneAn obituary to the Apple iPod that turned into food about where some of us keep these reminders of how we consumed music in the early 21st century, and how the Apple Store would sell you one without telling you it was giving up brands -spanking-new version the next day. Oh, memories.

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